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Bug Report Guidelines
« on: November 13, 2017, 12:59:59 AM »
This board is used for reporting bugs and other issues with the game. If you are looking for support or to have general questions answered, please go to the project discussion board:

Try to search the forums and our Issue board at: to see if your bug has already been reported. If not create a new bug report using the format below.

Bugs should have their title/subject line formatted as follows:
  • BUG: (Version) (Subject)
The subject should be brief but descriptive enough that we can get an idea of what your bug is just by glancing at it. For example:
  • Good: BUG: V0.1 Game crashes when feeding pet
Including the version where you found the bug in the subject makes it easier for us to determine if this has been fixed or if it was a bug that was reintroduced.

The body of the bug report should contain all available information you have on the bug, how to replicate it (if you can), and any stack dumps and crash reports that might have been generated. The more information we are given the faster we can track down and fix the bugs.

Submitting Bugs:
There are 3 ways of submitting a bug. In order of preference they are:
  • Creating an issue on Gitlab: Simply navigate to our issue board, click new issue, fill it out as described above. Please note, you need a Gitlab account to do this.
  • Email: Create an email with the subject line and body as described above and send it to this address: incoming+grotlover2/ This will automatically add your bug to our issue tracking system and allow use to communicate directly to you through the issue.
  • Make a forum post: Just create a new forum post with the format described above. This is a better option if you wish to inform the community on the issue, but will not get the devs attention as well as an issue.
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