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Re: BanQuesT Q&A
« Reply #30 on: March 17, 2017, 11:13:33 PM »
I've been thinking a little more about characters I might actually use (the one above was just done as a test) and came up with this one--though she won't necessarily be my final character. (I'm interested in seeing the finished version of runescripting and gourmalchemy before making up my mind!)

Morgan Pebblepie
2d8 action dice
+2 Finesse (+1 from Goblin), +1 Glamour
Apple type - Frame 2 - 2'6" - B 8, W 9, H8 - 20lbs hard weight, 3lbs soft weight.
Stormy temperment
Passion: Exploring somewhere new, particularly somewhere she isn't allowed
Temptation: Stealing treasure

4 Focus  (2, +1 Finesse, +1 Glamour)
4 Appetite (3, +1 Stormy temperment
2 Mettle (1, +1 Stormy temperment)

-5 beefy points, 0 porky points

Finesse Apprentice
Dextrous Talent: Pickpocket
Dueling Style: Florentine style

Glamour Fey-Touched
Dazzling Orb

Cleverer than the typical goblin but no less greedy, Morgan left her family behind to seek her fortune in the wider world. Her unusual talent for fey magic puts her a cut above the typical cutpurse, and a well-timed dazzling orb has gotten her out of more than a few scrapes. No one knows for sure where this talent came from--her mother claims to have swallowed a pixie while pregnant.

Morgan enjoys exploration and map-making, even in cases where the new frontiers she's exploring aren't exactly "new" (such as some rich sucker's private grounds and treasure rooms)


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a Q and character
« Reply #31 on: April 04, 2017, 05:06:18 AM »
ok neat B33
Cookie Saccharin     Female      Species:Human
4D4 action dice
+1 Varojection   +2 Gourmalchemy (+1 human)
peanut type    frame 6 - 511 - Hard 115 Soft 34 - chest 26 - waist 24 - Hips 26 - Total weight 149
Windy Temperament
Passion: Baking
Temptation: to get into problems she doesn't need to be in

Focus 2 mettle 3
Appetite 4

-14 beefy  0 pork
 Varojection Novice
Minor telekinesis:  You gain the ability to slowly move objects that weigh 2 pounds or less entirely with your mind.
(Gain +1 Maximum Focus)

Gourmalchemy Apprentice
Goermalchemy doesn't have anyfin yet.

Cookie worked at a bakery, but the bakery was shut down and now she cant get a job. But she remembered she had some combat training when she was a child. So now she try's to round up enough money to survive.

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Re: BanQuesT Q&A
« Reply #32 on: April 14, 2017, 09:54:18 PM »
Glad to see that there's so much excitement!

I've been out of commission for a few weeks while I catch up on work stuff (I landed a full time position at my job, but it comes with the territory of needing to put out the fires that convinced management we needed another person).  So progress has been at a standstill, but I'll pick it back up again when I find the time.

@Grey:  We're still pre-alpha on this one.  No test games for a while, sorry!

@Veggie:  Beef/Pork Points are currently a little broken in terms of very low weights, and probably the racial starting weights/frames math could use a tune-up.  When I next return to the system I will probably revisit those things.

Also, yes, that's how enlightening inefficiency works-- you're able to reduce your own weight more (and thus possibly levitate more easily) but can still only project the same old amount of force.  This may become very relevant at higher weight and skill levels as a means of combating mobility reductions.

Runescript and Gourmalchemy remain the biggest time sinks in terms of skills to iron out, since they tie to so many other systems, but I'm confident in what I've developed for them so far.  I'll share them when I find the time to flesh them out just an eentsy bit more.


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Re: BanQuesT Q&A
« Reply #33 on: April 15, 2017, 03:59:56 AM »
Hey Kost, glad to see you're back! Hope things go well both with getting work under control and getting Banquest development rolling again.


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Re: BanQuesT Q&A
« Reply #34 on: April 20, 2017, 01:35:13 AM »
Hey hey Kostro, finally got around to reading into this a little. I drummed up a character for it, let me know if I got it right!