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Review of The Pirate’s Fate
« on: March 27, 2018, 07:48:23 AM »
Before I begin, I hope I am not breaking any forum rules and I only wanted to post this review here because I know there was some discussion about this game happening on the weight gaming discord. I hope the information provided here might help clear up some of the questions some of you may be having about this game.

DISCLAIMER: I, grotlover2, was brought on in a voluntary compacity to advise and preform some coding for The Pirate’s Fate. I in no way received or will be receiving monetary compensation for these services as this was done on a voluntary status. I do still recognize that this may be a conflict of interest and wished to state it up front.

The Pirate’s Fate is a VN game produced by T.F Wright and Volkenfox that has a very choose your own adventure vibe to it. It contains some WG related content that is quite nice but feels toned down to increase appeal to a mass audience. The story is very well done and interesting even if the endings feel a bit weak compared to the rest of the game. If you are a fan of the choose your own adventure like games for a $19.99 ($14.99 till April 3rd) you should seriously consider buying the game. If you are looking for WG content I feel the price point is still fair, but there may not be enough WG content to make it worth it to some people. The Pirate’s Fate can be found on steam.

What is The Pirate’s Fate?
At first glance the Pirate’s Fate my look like a standard visual novel, but after playing it that description feels inadequate. The structure and the narrative of the game give it a much more choose your own adventure feel with a story that was honestly a joy to play. Don’t let its cute and colorful facade fool you though. The game can go to some dark places at times and T.F. Wright and Volkenfox have no qualms killing off characters 1st season walking dead style. Due to this anyone and everyone is up for grabs for death during the game, including the main character Mila (though it should be noted this leads to a game over).

What is The Pirate’s Fate About?
On the surface the Pirate’s Fate is about a crew of “Treasure Hunters” hunt for some mysterious magical coins. After your ship sinks you take on the role of Mila, a merchant who is the only surviving crew of the ship and coincidentally in possession of one of the enchanted coins. Quickly the good natured Darious asks you to join his crew and assist in hunting down the rest of the coins!

While at first it may seem like a fairly cut a dry adventure quickly turns into an analysis of practicality over morals, is some one more shaped by the choices of there past or their present decisions, and the relationship between change and identity. The game boasts over 300 choices influencing the story in one way or the other, and they were not lying. Most choices have an obvious impact on the course of the game sometimes resulting in physical changes to the characters. Others are subtler usually resulting in call backs later in the game. These choices lead to one of 8 endings aligned along a standard evil/neutral/good route with some secrete ones thrown in for good measure.

While at first glance they may seem like the game is portioned into 3 different paths the line is much more muddled then that. A single choice can sometime lead to major jumps causing you to totally switch paths and other paths that you think might be evil turn out to be good. This feels like it was done to make the player think more about what defines a person more, their past or present actions. This can lead to some playthroughs with interesting redemptions and sudden damnations. The player must think carefully on their actions due to this as the game loves to pull the what matters more, the method, the intention, or the result which can throw you down paths with consequences that you could not have foreseen.

While the story is solid and interesting it is not without its faults. The romances feel shallow as there is little to no build up to them, and on some of the paths the game will suddenly shift to another location with little to no explanation (though some of these may have been fixed during the beta). Those are really kind of minor in my opinion though. All in all, I only had two key issues with the story.

First, the quality of the story almost works against itself. It proved to be so good that I found myself wishing that they instead focused on depth instead of breadth of story. It is understandable as to why this was done though as it was to debut a wider verity of transformations.

Second, the endings are really a letdown. Out of the entire game this is my biggest complaint with the story; mainly because the endings follow the exact same format and feel shallow compared to the rest of the game. They tend to be choice x resulted in consequence y with a few lines describing the consequence of your actions with no other art assets to help illustrate the consequences. Due to this the ending felt shallow, and out of the 4 ending I got I was only satisfied with one. It would have been better for them to have just said that decision x was made then leaving the rest up to the players imagination.

Over all though the story was solid and engrossing. It really made me think at certain parts and some of the paths had very interesting twists. The quality is definitely something I expected form a seasoned writer like T.F Wright.

Art, Sound, & Technical
The Art of the game is beautiful. The backgrounds are well done and Volkenfox’s work on the characters is outstanding. There is a wide array of expressions that are used by the characters and they switch poses relatively frequently making them feel more alive. Each character, even minor ones, have their own mannerisms that make them feel unique and well thought out.

The sound is definitely not lacking either. The game comes with sound effects, a fairly wide sound track, and even voice acting. The music always feels like it fits the scene and never feel overwhelming or out of place. The voice acting is also very good, especially considering the fact this is FoxWright Productions first game and how small the team is. The sound is clean, the voice actors fit the characters, and they do a good job matching the emotions and feelings of the characters they were voicing. The only complaints I have on the voice acting is that it is only partial voice acting making some parts seeming like the cut abruptly making me wonder if there was supposed to be voice acting or not. Also, the voice acting for Leeko early in the first act feels a bit sloppy at times as it does not always seem to match his emotions portrayed in the scene. Past that though I felt the sound of the game was excellent over all.

Finally, the game is fairly stable but some users where hitting major bugs such as freezes and other issues. While most of these issues should be fixed by time of release; the unfortunate part of it is these bugs where more an issue with the underlying engine VN Maker then the fault of the developers. I have to say that after inspecting the engine myself while assisting FoxWright Productions I am impressed they where able to get the game as stable as it is considering how unstable the underlying engine is; especially considering their team did not have a seasoned programmer for debugging and fixing the engines code.

WG Content
Finally, the part I think you are where waiting for, what about the WG content of the game. First, let’s get this out of the way. The Pirate’s Fate is not a WG game but instead is a game with some WG in it. Don’t get me wrong though, compared to many other games it has a fairly good amount of WG related content in it with both male and female WG and a quality expected from an artist like Volkenfox. If you where looking for an amount of WG like found in the stories published by T.F Wright and Volkenfox you will, unfortunately, be a bit disappointed. It feels like that the WG in the game was toned down in hopes for the game to appeal to a more general audience.

Is it Worth it?
At only $19.99 at regular price and selling for $14.99 till April 3rd I feel this game is worth your money even if you are only looking for just WG content. I do acknowledge though there may not be enough WG content in the game to make the $19.99 price point worth it to some people. If you are interested in a fun choose your own adventure like game though, for the price, this is a must buy. If you are interested, you can buy The Pirate’s Fate on Steam now.

3/27 Edit - There are 8 official endings not 6
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Re: Review of The Pirate’s Fate
« Reply #1 on: March 27, 2018, 08:58:38 PM »
I would say supporting it anyway if you can for one reason. If it makes enough money, i think it will be a flagship for other artists to begin doing much more bigger budget games (on steam or otherwise) and thusly, we could have much higher quality fetish games being made due to people wanting to do what volkenfox did, and it made $15000 of it's original $2000 dollar goal. That shows that it has a MAJOR backing (i assume since volken and wright are some (for lack of a better term) industry veterans), and if it is a major success, we may get other artists willing to try out the format for bigger budget, but that can only happen if it makes enough money. I am not ignoring the flaws of the game itself, as you said here, but i am thinking that someone down the line can see it succeed and be inspired to make a bigger budget title if the game is a success.