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Feature Requests...
« on: March 13, 2018, 12:52:19 PM »
I've managed to make some parts of the game a bit modular, and others aren't so much... so adding features will be very much on a case-by case basis.

Features that are unlikely to get implemented:
- Gender selection
- Character customization

Some things that are on the table:

- Dream sequences
- Safety scare (something like intruders, or fire, potentially exacerbated by your mobility)
- Meeting with an old coworker
- Ice Cream Truck
- Eating contest
- Gaming tournament
- Internet popularity / feeder guests

Possible new medical conditions:
- Bone breakage / structural failure
- Choking
- Dental issues
- Diabetes (more involved coding -- low priority)

The little background commentary blurbs that appear on each regular turn are very easy to add, and are linked to a particular weight range. These are the comments like "Despite taking a shopping list that was no different that unusual, your grocery bill nearly doubled. Hmm.". I'm always open to suggestions for new additions.

I may eventually provide a framework for suggesting new medical trial topics/outcomes, and medical treatment options/outcomes. These are a tad more specific.

Thanks all.
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