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Quest Games / Re: Forest & Shack
« Last post by docLuna on Today at 10:27:58 AM »
I wonder if I should say this, but, I embedded a cheat code in the game. It's been there for several updates. It's to help me with testing boss fights and such by giving me key items to progress quickly.

So, if anyone wants to cheat, just type this secret cheat code in at some point after making your character:
Spoiler for Hidden:
Quest Games / Re: Demo Quest Game
« Last post by docLuna on Today at 09:27:04 AM »
This was very enjoyable. I look forward to how it goes if you continue it.
Also, in case you didn't know!

Maternal-reads has a pregnancy oriented mod that you can find here:

The most recent download of the mod is here (as of 5/27/18)
Sorry if this is a bit out of order but here we go!

"Second I would like to create a quest for pregnancy that is basically surrogacy as a sort of job. Is that something possible with the game?"

I don't see any reason why it would not be possible!

 " there a limit to the amount of descriptions." The only limit would be one of the your computer's memory and processing ability.

"To my first question. How hard is it to have the game use new description, if someone could give a simple rundown of what to do it would be appreciated."

It depends on what you mean by description. In the simplest use of the word, it is really easy to add some sort of description. Description also has a specific meaning in the games code and there is a special file type for it. I am not qualified to give any sort of programming lessons, but i can at least give some general advice about the game. My best advice is to poke around and make small changes to get an idea of what does what. it sounds like you've already done a bit of that, so you've made good first steps!

The next thing I'd recommend you take a look at is event files and template files. They're very easy to start poking around with. When you are out and about with a proxy whenever you hit a button to go somewhere, that's bringing you to a new event file. They are files that are essentially used to describe locations and events(as the name suggests).

Templates are tools to enhance events, and are most likely what you'll use for varied descriptions like you ask about. Essentially when you call a template (whenever you see something like:

 <% include("city/place/blahblahblah");%>

You're telling the game engine to insert the code from one (or many) of the specified template files to run before the rest of the event file. You can use this to do math(so you don't have to copy paste the code in every event that uses it) or you can use it to include text.

I'll give you a few places that will be useful to look around and see how this all works.

Fist of all make sure you use the events and template editors in the game, and not just the text files. this will make your life easier.

First, because you asked about descriptions, I'd recommend you look at the templates in gamedata/templates/casual_talk. All of them get called when the proxy wakes up. Only one can be shown, so it checks to see if the proxy meets the requirements. Poke around a bit there.

Second, you can take a look at the templates in gamedata/templates/c_od and gamedata/templates/cview. They contain code that runs when the player clicks the appearance menu. It has all the text for describing the character and has templates being referenced from withing templates. It also makes use of description files which basically are just lists with associated values for describing things that can exists in a range (boobs, bellies, emotions, et cetera.)

Another thing i would recommend reading about Boolean operators and logical operators. They're super important in all programming/scripting. Here is a pretty good reference to start out and compare if you don't understand what some of the code is saying:
Quest Games / Re: Forest & Shack
« Last post by docLuna on Today at 06:39:23 AM »
Version 1.4.1 Updates

Added Event Spawn system and first event: Small Cave
Added new food item: Cheeseburger
Adjusted Small Cave's starting parameters to be based on initial player size
Added male and female specific dialogue to Small Cave event at higher weights
Adjusted combat system to be more dynamic. Entities now attack at their base attack +-3, randomly.

Fixed bug where dead mobs don't drop until the next encounter.

Unfortunately, any issues with saving and loading are through Quest's main code, and I can't improve/fix them if they aren't working for some people.

High priority:
leveling system
stat increase system
more monsters
more weapons/armors

Sorry 'bout the gap. I've been busy with lots of things lately. Been very productive. But, I was feeling horny, and apparently Turris Puesco is down, so I put some more effort into this. I liked that game a lot, so I think I'll try to recreate some of its elements here. They won't be exact copies, of course, but I started by adding a cave and a cheeseburger, so, you know.

Dunno when the next update will be out, but I never drop, so, yeah.
Project Discussion / Couple questions on creating a mod or maybe mods.
« Last post by That_Guy on Today at 03:59:29 AM »
Hi I guess, haven't had the game for long probably about two months. I have a idea of adding to the pregnancy side of the game as it is my main use of the game. I am sure it will be a lot of work as I have only poked around a little in dev mode seeing what things can be changed to the character and what seem to locked as far as direct stats haven't really messed with anything else. I do not understand the programming yet but haven't really dived into, my first guess try of modding it is to create more or better to me descriptions of things pertaining to pregnancy.

To my first question. How hard is it to have the game use new description, if someone could give a simple rundown of what to do it would be appreciated. And is there a limit to the amount of descriptions.

Second I would like to create a quest for pregnancy that is basically surrogacy as a sort of job. Is that something possible with the game?
General Discussion / Re: Some Fat Art I drew
« Last post by UnknownCleric2420 on May 26, 2018, 12:30:39 AM »
I was waiting for someone to do something with the Chug Jug! And the Zoey skin... :P 10/10
Weight Gain Mods / Re: (Insert Starbound Mod idea)
« Last post by lordofofftopic on May 25, 2018, 11:35:43 PM »
What about making a version of the modified sprite you posted it the "Starbound Mods?" thread for the other races? Maybe some modded races? I would suggest Avail.

1. I'm Lazy
2. I'm slow when it comes to sprites larger than 8x16
3.answer 4
4.answer 3
5. I'm not the best at writing codes. ( i make MANY mistakes)
6. If you haven't noticed by the list, I'm a procrastinator.
Project Discussion / Re: Some feedback regarding depictions of minors in game
« Last post by geekdragon on May 25, 2018, 06:41:05 PM »
I had a blast examining the code! I'd love to try out the engine you used!
That's a relief. If nothing else, it's a sneaky way to preview what else can happen. ;)

I barely ever looked at the browser source (HTML/Javascript) since the Twine story creator looks after so much of the dirty work. There's more than one coding format available in Twine, which they call "story formats". I did all the development in the "Harlowe" story format -- but honestly, if all you want to do is make a branching CYOA, it's not even necessary to code anything.

Thanks again for the feedback on the game content.
I pushed through a content update to keep matters a bit more "black and white" on the topic of underage characters, and hopefully nip this in the bud.

Sarah no longer makes an appearance in the bathing scene. The player -- and by extension, your late cousin -- are depicted as older during the events of the game. The backstory still suggests Randy began growing earlier, but hopefully not in a way that triggers anybody.

I'd appreciate reports about any loose ends in the narrative. There were quite a few references to Randy being younger, and I may have missed some.

As a side note, if the OP has any questions or comments about the code, I'd be willing to discuss it. If they went digging behind the scenes, they no doubt found out how amateurish and convoluted it all is. :)

I had a blast examining the code! I'd love to try out the engine you used!
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