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Voracious! / Re: What about a video game spinoff?
« on: October 08, 2017, 11:04:15 AM »
If you'd like, I have no problem with it as long as you give appropriate credit to the game system. I'd be interested to see what you come up with!

Lazing in the sun, Osiria was thankful enough for her sunscreen, but thankfully her weakness to sunlight wasn't as bad as other vampires might be, given that her plant side revitalises her somewhat. The boat ride was relaxing, a nice breeze off-setting the heat, and the fresh blood meal she had imbibed had her at the peak of her strength, and he was quite a tasty fellow... she hoped to get another taste real soon... She would socialise with Lily if they were on the same boat, but would wave off to go her seperate ways after they arrived on land.

Spoiler for gorge roll:
Rolled 2d6+2 : 2, 6 + 2, total 10

"Twisted fairy tail sounds perfect, and yes, this is the only tone I can be seen with... tacky tan just doesn't suit me at all, and I have to ensure the best side of me is always all sides~" She said with a flirty tone, not intending to hit on the tattooist but exuding her usual aura of confident, sophisticated beauty. As the needle started to thin however, the choppy sensation shook her out of her relaxed state, and when it happened a second time, she gave Angel a soft smile. "They say where I am from, the women have as thick hides as even the men, layered deep beneath our feminine charms. It is no surprise that it does not compare to soft, western flesh. My apologies for the trouble". She tried to bluff it off, after all, her accent was pretty thick, it was clear she wasn't from anywhere close.

"Hmm, cute and observant, huh?" She gave him an amused glance, as a woman of elegance and stature would to a suitor coming to beg for her hand. "Alright, seems you've caught me, and I'm a little short on a good donor right now, so I'll go on your little date, but you better wear something classier than that. I'm a lady of high standards after all. Til then, I think we have more immediate business to attend to." She got to her feet, looping her arm around his and smirking as she led him off into the girl's bathroom nearby.

"It's not exactly romantic, but if it's any consolation, I'll make this quick" She licked her lips, sauntering forward and pressing her body against his, their matched height making it easier to close in together. Since he didn't seem to mind, she was going to help herself... a decent meal out to get her the energy she needed, and she could focus on the coming day...

Spoiler for Thirst Roll:
Rolled 2d6+2 : 1, 4 + 2, total 7

As lunchtime rolled around, following the outcome of her drinking making her feel more alert, Osiria decided to follow through on her rebellion plan to tattoo her shoulders and bust. She'd always wanted thorned ivy wrapped around her body, but at least she could get the edgy feel of it through tattoos. She headed onto a boat, planning to head into the shopping center to book a tattoo session or two, and perhaps even pick up a tank top or boob tube and some leggings to show off her tat once it was done. She planned to go enter the cosplay contest tomorrow, hoping her rose vampire look could win the hearts of a few nerds. Luckily she didn't know of Auro's giant following, or perhaps she'd be a little jealous...

Having settled into her 'hunting ground', Osiria began to bait her trap. She let her mind wander as she took a brush from her bag, starting to smooth out her voluminous curls, letting out a soft, wistful sigh into the hand mirror she left on the table. When the brushing was done, she straightened up her back, and set about re-adjusting her top, her ample chest being jostled and shifted as she paid no heed to those around her. Satisfied, the next act would be lipstick, reapplying her sanguine shade with slow, practiced motions, pouting her full lips and making a kissing motion to test that it had been applied correctly.

All a dance to lure in her prey, her heavy eyelashes batted softly as she sat up, sipping daintily at her glass, before letting out another long, lonely sigh, staring at the empty chair beside her, and suddenly turning the mirror to face down. There she remained, waiting, to see if a bite would take her bait... of course... she had hopes for what kind of fish to catch...

Spoiler for Ozzy's Hopes:
Looking to get a more constant supply from someone, she'd be looking for someone with a bit of a clingy personality that would get attached to her and be willing to give up blood to spend time with her. As for gender/looks, she'd prefer an effeminate male of any body type.

Spoiler for Seduce Roll:
Rolled 2d6+3 : 4, 5 + 3, total 12

-Saturday Morning-

While the others rested off their binging, Osiria was feeling more and more drained as she went about her business. Instead of heading immediately over to the town however, she instead decided to lurk around the campus, heading to the cafeteria to sit on her own with a glass of 'wine' and do her best to look lonely. There were probably a few nerds about that had hoped to get in with an attractive lady, and her cleavage happy punk dress might appeal to their tastes, especially given how perfect her breasts were.

Reading about the town made her consider things a little though. One way to rebel against her family would be to tarnish her fair, noble skin with a rocking, full torso tattoo, so she figured she'd swing by there and give her new crush something to think about. She had very much enjoyed having her hands all over Auro, even if she had initially only done it as an attempt to seduce some blood out of her, and she found her mind going back to the jelly girl more and more as she sat alone. She'd noticed Tia heading off elsewhere on campus but hadn't seen Auro had anywhere else... so if her blood hunt didn't go well, perhaps she'd take the jelly glam up on her offer... or at least spend some time with her.

The thought of going to hang out at the train yard didn't appeal to Ozzy nearly as much as it probably would have some of the more moody vamps that attended BMI, the thought of attending the con and drawing boatloads of attention made her feel a little more excited. Blending in for her would be easy, perhaps the easiest out of anyone there. Her petals already looked like a dress, due to her own attentive pruning and her natural floral style, so she could always just pass herself off as a particular fancy cosplayer, as garg had described, many dressed up as monsters, so a vampire plant wouldn't be too far of a stretch. The idea of playing games didn't appeal all too much to her however, so she'd probably hit the bar once she got tired of walking the floor.

She quietly cursed the sun beaming through the window, only making her feel more tired. While her natural beauty was still shining thanks to a layer of makeup, she was starting to feel the effects of being so thirsty. She wanted to preserve what little she'd brought with her in case of emergencies, so at the very least, she hoped she could grab a quick bite before the journey to town to refresh her complexion. Perhaps she could send Nos out to try and find someone... maybe someone that had passed out from too much of a binge, someone brooding over BMI life, anyone that was alone enough that she could slink out there and slake her thirst before she took on the real vampiric appearance. A long sigh rolled out from her lips as she stared blankly at Garg, looking like she was trying to pay attention, but also seeming to be on the verge of falling off her chair from the way she was lightly swaying.

Thoughts of blending into human society didn't really matter as much to Osiria, as she was already blending in with 'lesser folk' as far as her family was concerned, so perhaps blending in with even lower people would just elevate her feelings of superiority. This MONCON sounded like a worship ritual, so perhaps it would be fun to stride about in her dress, letting them see what the true beauty of a monster could be... rather than these casual clothes. Yes, that would do nicely, especially if she was going on a dinner date. She'd asked Lily if she would want to go to shore together too, so she figured she'd meet up with Auro for a more private meal after the day's initial spree had ended.

"No problem at all dear, don't feel the need to be shy around me~" She said, grinning softly, her eyes glancing down to Lily's midriff. Paired with the donuts, the muffins had filled her up quite nicely... she was getting surrounded by full stomachs, though her own felt as empty as ever. She was starting to feel a little woozy from not having an appropriate drink, her skin paler than usual. While she paid attention to the RA, as well as replying to Lily, her eyes did occasionally flick to the jelly girl, and how she was glancing at Tia's expansion. She'd hoped for a more thin-and-fat pairing, after all, her own beauty was prime concern, so she couldn't let herself be suckered into this dorm-wide gain-off, but at the same time, she worried that thin just wasn't on the palette of some of these girls, and that she'd continue to be singled out by these binges ever meeting. She'd break it to each of them about her blood drinking habits eventually, so at least they'd understand why she never ate. She didn't exactly want to be drinking blood given out of sympathy though, lest she fall from social grace.

A lick of amusement came when she could hear Sierra's struggling with the corset. She too had once been at the stage where wearing one would cause such discomfort, but if your belly causes you to suffer so badly, perhaps it isn't in your style. She had sympathy for the sphinx, but for the prissy girl who'd had every sentence she'd ever spoken hammered into place by strict tutors, the stutter made her feel a little irritated, and Ozzy's first impressions of her hadn't exactly been great due to her assumptions. That said, it was still early in the year, and some of the others seemed to bear Sierra with a friendly vibe, so perhaps she'd be surprised.

Tia's metamorphosis was making her feel a little uncomfortable though, the loud gurgles and groans coming from the dragon, and her ever burgeoning waistline, was making it rather difficult to focus on Garg. Dragons clearly had it bad when it came to re-adolescence, if this kept up she'd be a hell of a lard-ass by the end of the year, and it wasn't exactly the most spacious of underground areas. She'd be getting stuck in doors if she grew much bigger... though, the idea of the plump dragon being wedged in a tight framed entrance, blocking her path with a large rear... it made her tingle a little.

Her thoughts were interrupted by another bout of light-headedness, her eyes drooping for a moment as if she hadn't gotten enough sleep. Her composed, elegant sitting position was compromised by her swaying in her chair a little, and dark shadows had begun to form under her eyes, her face becoming a little sunken, and her bottom jaw retreating a little to expose her fangs. The vampire curse was somewhat kept in check by drinking blood, the visage of a healthy mortal face only upkept by that blood, so the longer she went without it, the more monstrous she'd become. Her mind couldn't get off the thought of a proper drink... her thirst beginning to become an issue.

"Oh, don't mind me, I was just checking up on Auro here to make sure the snap hadn't caused her too much fashion distress, I'll be out of your hair~" She said, immediately retreating from the room without another word. She was wary of the dragon and it seemed she was undergoing so wardrobe malfunction of her own. The thought of the two of them in that room, soft bellies exposed... perhaps even pressing together, brought an excited flush to the cheeks of the rose, but she straightened her outfit, and merely sat beside Lily in the meeting room again, noticing her eating the muffins and seeming to cheer up a little. She'd left Nos in the room, but the bird had hitched a ride on Lily's shoulder (with or without her consent) and immediately jumped back to Ozzy's when she returned. She picked up a scrap of donut from the box Auro had left behind and fed it to him, to stop him cawing and distracting the room.

As she looked over a copy of the pamphlet herself, she thought on how, when she'd matured, her rose blooms has brightened and swelled to further accentuate her body, and her breasts, hips and butt had flourished dramatically over a short few weeks. Would it happen again while here at BMI? Her mother was certainly a bombshell even by comparison to herself... but buying a whole new wardrobe to deal with a pair of mega-melons sounded troublesome. That... and there was always the possibility that a shift in hormones and drinking blood from so many bodies that were so high on blood-sugar you'd think it was strawberry syrup, she'd start to pile on a bit of weight herself. While she was finding it hard to repress the want to sink her fingers into Auro's cool, smooth gut, gurgling with food... the idea of having a spare-tire herself was far from appealing. She gave Lily a happy smile, tucked away the pamphlet in her bag, and returned her attention to Garg in her upright, graceful and attentive pose. Looking around... there barely seemed to be a skinny girl amongst them. Only the faun sitting with the sphinx seemed to be trim around the middle after the donut binge... even Garg herself seeming a bit stuffed from her own donut. Was it just a common monster thing, or was there some sort of bet going on to see who could pile on the fresh 15 the fastest?

"A Dinner date on my first day, huh?" She said with a playful smirk, feeling that plump rear press against her smooth, toned belly. "Well, I'd be a fool to decline, wouldn't I?" She said in an actual flirty tone, licking her lips as she let her eyes wander over Auro's neck. "I'll try not to bite off more than I can chew~". Ozzy didn't quite know why she was so into the idea of dining with this plump jelly girl, but she certainly enjoyed the size of that rear... and those plump breasts under her fingertips.

"Since we're going over to shore anyway, we will find an appropriate restaurant to celebrate our meeting... though... i must admit, I have a... small problem." It would be at that moment that, as Auro admired herself in the mirror, she noticed that there was no girl behind her, only a dress, hanging mysteriously in the air. Even her petals had no reflection. "I cannot consume human food, so... I'm afraid my plate will be for you as well, but, I'm sure you don't mind that..." She smirked, her hands gliding down to grip and lift one of those love handles. "That said... perhaps if I feed you, you would return the favour...? No pressure, of course, and I promise your safety... but, that is only in the case that I don't find a more expendable food source...". She stepped in front of Auro instead, smiling gently, showing off her fangs, but in a way that showed she was putting trust in Auro, and being honest about her nature as a monster, rather than in an attempt to intimidate.

"As you might have guessed, the institute doesn't exactly cater to my specific needs, but then again, I was slightly hoping you'd be one of the girls that's enamoured by the idea of dating a vampire". She put extra emphasis on the word, as if she was offering a little more than friendship. Man this girl was forward for such a prissy lady! In Osiria's mind however, she was getting a little too excited. She'd been bottled up in her manor for most of her life, and now, she could live her life free of tutors and 'nobles', and if she wanted to hook up with a sexy sea lady on her first day... she'd do it and she'd like it, and no one would tell her otherwise... Keeping the smile on her face, she stepped forward, rubbing both hands over her donut-stuffed belly, pressing it against her empty one. "I certainly think we could have a lot of fun together..."

Osiria remained seated there, a calm, elegant flower amongst the whirlwind of gorging. When Auro returned to her side and began to talk again, she seemed to perk up a little from her 'no-one noticed me' mood, however, when her new dorm-mates bra finally hit it's limit, she felt a strange tingle shoot through her body, her eyes flicking downwards to the inevitable heavy jiggle that the sudden release of pressure gave. Her cheeks heated for a moment, and she tried to roll it off by covering her mouth and cheeks with the back of her hand and making a soft, dainty little giggle. "Heehee, oh my~". She seemed to be about to say something else, but Auro quickly took off.

The look she gave Lily however was something else entirely. Garg drawing attention to her made her realise just how much the girl had eaten, and, after refusing her own offering after subtle nudging, it felt like she'd thrown the generosity in her face a little by then going on to devour so many donuts that her body was sticky with jelly. She took a deep breath in, exhaling through her nose, but she was honestly a little hurt. She'd made an effort to make a nice offering, but clearly donuts from the RA were a more valuable offering than personally bought muffins from your new room mate. Still, it wouldn't do to lose her composure, so she suddenly rose to her feet.

"Excuse me for a moment, Garg darling. While everyone is settling down, I think I will check on our unfortunate dorm mate, and possibly freshen up in the ladies'". She spoke, before turning heel and heading off to seek out Auro, following her just fast enough to notice which room she went into. The last bitter taste on her lips perhaps is that she'd hoped to get Garg's attention a little with the show of her teeth, but it seems even the RA was unable to see past the binging commonfolk. Was it really such a common thing amongst the lower classes to devour food until you are lethargic from it, even this early in the morning? She admitted though... something about their forms... their pudgy frames, their stuffed bellies... it made her a little excited... and her telltale twitch of licking her teeth was happening a lot more than usual.

When she arrived at the door, she gave a little knock. "Hello? Auro dear, it's me. You seemed a little disdained for a moment, and I was hoping I could possibly help you recover a little. You're the only one to really make a forward effort to make me feel welcome here, and I was hoping I could return the favour a little". Lily had done a good measure too, but she was in a mood with Lily, and mentioning that wouldn't help her goals either. If Auro would upon the door however, she would proceed as follows.

The sea lady would open the door to Ozzy's full form on display infront of her. Her natural, sexy stance eccentuating the size of her hips, and the shapely volume of her bust. While Auro was naturally attractive, the rose was halfway to supermodel, and she knew exactly how to carry it. She'd saunter gently into the room, making sure to close the door behind her. "It seems we share common ground amongst the boxom category, hmmm?" She said, resting one hand on her own cleavage, dragging her fingers across the soft, pale flesh gently, a playful smile curling at the side of her full, juicy lips. "Sometimes style is troublesome, in a way those less beautiful do not understand, and wearing clothes that don't quite fit is half of fashion, so dear, please don't feel embarrassed." She'd slip behind Auro,  looking over her shoulder in the reflection, before hooking her hands around to rub them up her sides, and eventually even cup her breasts in a forward manner. "You have a wonderful figure, Auroetta, but your potential can take you even higher. I'd say if we were to work together, we could really take the hearts of anyone who's eyes glanced our way". Her hands remained where they were... for now.

Spoiler for Seduce roll on Auro:
Rolled 2d6+3 : 2, 6 + 3, total 11

A gentle sigh came from Osiria as she looked around the room, and she brushed the petals of an oversized flower she wore in her hair lightly, the view of it obscuring her right eye somewhat. She'd expected there to be more of a deal considering the common monsters had been graced by her presence, but they seemed more interested in stuffing their faces like starving orphans than sparking up conversation, even the beginning of her conversation with Auro had proven the jelly valued donuts more than she valued a chance to talk to a new dorm-mate.

She felt a little irritated, and Garg probably noticed her scowl when she dipped out of the spotlight. That scowl revealed her vampiric fangs and her general distaste for how the day had been going so far. Meeting Lily had been nice, but the whole morning had seemed to be nothing but a reminder of her isolation from monster norms via her vampirism. Typical normies... stuffing their faces on sugar, swallowing each other whole, but the moment she sank her fangs into someone's neck, they'd probably all back away from her. How would Garg feel about knowing a Vampire was among them, and that she was probably not being given appropriate nutrtion from the institute?

Spoiler for For Auro:
She had commented on her outfit, but it was clear that Ozzy was wearing expensive clothes. Had her first impression been genuine,
 in an attempt to meet a new fashion buddy, or does the glitterpunk feel threatened by another girl cramping her style and drawing attention away from her growing curves?

Spoiler for For Tia:
Ozzy had gotten off on a bad foot with Tia's presence and rumours spreading around. Would Tia be interested in an attempt to get to know the curvy greenheart, or will she cut her losses and focus on her more spidery pursuits

Spoiler for For Lily:
Osiria had now refused donuts, her own lunch, and the muffins she'd bought earlier. How does Lily feel about her new roommate that apparently doesn't eat anything? Does she think it's only to watch her weight and fit into her leather and lace clothing, or does she suspect something else?

Spoiler for For Sierra:
Sierra has showed little interest in Osiria, the meager wave giving the rose the impression that the corset sphinx has no want of being even on friendly grounds with her. Would she show any form of interest now that Tia was occupied, or would she be keeping Ozzy in the 'yeah she goes here' level of buddy?

A twinge of irritation fluttered over Osiria as she carried her tray over to wherever Lily wanted to sit, but she didn't once partake of her breakfast, simply pushing the tray aside and paying more attention to fussing with Nos' feathers as if she was showing him affection, paying no heed to the tray at all. Awkward, she'd be receiving no assistance from the school in regards to her dietary needs, so she was going to have to take matters into her own hands. A vampire's growing thirst would get out of hard if left unfed... but she'd have her ways in town. She'd just have to rely on her mind and perhaps make a few monster friends that are willing to help her.

Even as Garg introduced her, Osiria gave a simple nod of thanks before getting to her feet. "It is good to meet you everyone. I am sorry to hear about the unfortunate incident involving the previous tenant of my room. I hope it doesn't become an omen of my own fate here, but instead that you will come to find me as a new dorm-mate that is fitting of this institute."

As the rich-girl vibe wore off, she seemed a little baffled by Auro's sudden approach, before she steeled her resolve and drew upon her posture training, giving a graceful smile. "You are too kind, I'm just glad I can be comfortable, the dress I arrived in stuck out like a sore thumb. Your body has such an interesting look to it, I must say I've never seen a woman of such a remarkable color. I would wager your own choice in clothing must be altered as such, but you seem to have an air of style to you, so I have faith in your fashion sense."

As Auro moved off to the donuts, she tried to let her mind wander to thoughts of what the jelly girl would taste like. She wore a subtle smile, taking a seat and allowing the others to feast, hoping that no-one would pay too much attention to the fact she didn't partake of the donuts. She watched her fellows taking them... they really liked those things! It... it was almost a shame her stomach couldn't enjoy them, anything non-blood tasted like nothing to her... yet she was surrounded by treats she couldn't enjoy...

The last thing she noticed was the dragons disdain, and she moved her chair a little so the line of seat between her was a little out of the way. She seemed like she was in a bad mood, better not make too big a deal...

"I'd say it's more that he's insistent that you enjoy something I gave you moreso than his desire for muffin goodness, he doesn't each much unless I specifically provide it for him, perhaps he's just smart enough to know what's a meal for him and what isn't. Come on, Nosferatu, we're leaving to get some real dinner, leave the girl and her muffins be for now, you're spooking her" She said in a grumpy mother sort of tone as she scooped up her handbag and made for the door, holding it open and even offering Lily a hand if she needed help getting into her chair for the journey. She'd never seen the strange device before, but assumed that it was used since her roommate wasn't used to life on foot. Perhaps she lived rooted to the soil? She'd heard of greenhearts that lived quite happy lives as living trees after all.

"Don't mind Nos, he's curious but he's never pecked anyone unless they threaten me. I don't mind at all though, better to have a familiar face, and I'm sure we can swing by Garg's and pick up my card before we head to breakfast. I don't have enough on me to count as a decent meal, so I sincerely hope that the institute has taken my needs seriously. If you really don't want any more of them though, I suppose I can bring the muffins to share with any of our dorm mates we might happen to bump into. I assume you have met them already and would appreciate if you could point out which of them are amicable to conversation and which I should try and avoid. I do not wish to get in any sort of tustle this early in my educational career. When you are prepared, I am ready to set off. Nos! Behave yourself, I'll feed you later!"

"Something like allergies, yes, and please, feel free, I bought them for you after all." She gave Lily an expectant look, hoping her gift hadn't gone down badly. "I bet your first week has been pretty rough though, I heard rumours about some of the things that happen here, and I worry I might be a little in over my head, but at least my room mate is welcoming, so it's a good start for me. I could have gotten someone significantly more intimidating, though I hope saying that doesn't cause offence."

She sipped at the wine glass, paying no interest to the muffins at all. They didn't seem appetising to her in the slightest. "So I take it this 'Garg' is the caretaker of the dorm? I haven't met them yet but was told in my letter I'm to seek them out to retrieve a card for identification. I think they were sleeping when I arrived, but I suppose that's to be expected. I'm a bit of a night owl afterall, I just have Nos here watch out for me if I take naps during the day, such a good little bird. If we're heading into town today, would it be alright if I stuck with you? I don't really wanna get lost on my own in a strange town."

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