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I'll take "They can only act against you"

Something had snapped slightly in Thera's head during her fateful encounter, and ever since, she'd spared no expense... having been stealing whatever food was offered to her, and even going so far as to poach leftovers where she could, and that, coupled with the fat faun that had gurgled away onto her frame, she was certainly not the slim lady she'd been a week ago. She'd grown half a foot taller, but the more dramatic effect was on her human body...

Where her slim athletic belly had once sat now sat a small, soft paunch that rounded out her middle. Still, she displayed it with pride, still only wearing bellytops and crop-vests. Moving up from her tummy, one would see her prodigious bust had swollen a cup size with a doughy layer of chub. The greatest extent however could be seen on her human hips. Her perky butt that sat atop her spider body had swelled impressively, becoming two thick mounds of squish that jiggled each time she moved. Her skirt sat loosely atop it, the light material smoothing down between those luscious cheeks to show off their size.

Thera grinned to herself as her eyes glanced over Tiamat for a moment, a ping of doubt bubbling in her gut for just a moment before she reminded herself of her duty. She'd been given orders, and it would be better for her if she followed, for now. She looked over at the hunky spider and ran her tongue over her lips, before her eyes went to the gaggle swaming around him, and her eyebrow twitched. She immediately began sauntering over to him, and in one swift movement, she spun her body using her practiced cheerleader dance moves to try and smack them all aside with her thorax to both clear the way, and press the large, round expanse of it against his groin, looking over her shoulder with her hand resting idly atop her plump rear. "Care for a partner with some weight behind them, hunk~?"

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Rolling size to Overbear
Rolled 2d6+1 : 5, 4 + 1, total 10

Roleplaying Board / Re: [Behemoth Institute PT] (2) Settling In
« on: July 22, 2017, 01:42:36 PM »
"My name is Theraphosa, but Thera is fine. I grew up in a human school, I can weave pretty damned well, and I have an appetite for more exotic foods than most." That last line, she allowed a portion of her inner hunger to come out, her eyes showing the ferocity of an alpha predator, or so she wished. "I was the cheer captain at that school for as long as I could be, so I'm hoping I can bring that to the field here. As for my weakness, I guess it's obvious I'm not exactly the flips and tucks kind of character, but I have uses that not many do... I'll get right to it then.

She swallowed as subtly as she could, taking in a deep breath. The very least she could do here was draw on her prior experience as a cheerleader to try and impress them. She'd wipe their smug-ass smiles off their faces even if it took all year, and she was going to gorge on their fear moments before she devoured them... let them know what terror felt like... that's what she kept telling herself as she burst in with all the energy she could muster in her winded state. Her legs moved nimbly, using spins and gyrations to accentuate her feminine curves, lots of work with her long-fingered hands to smooth and rub.

Rolled 2d6+1 : 6, 3 + 1, total 10

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« on: July 21, 2017, 09:51:28 PM »
"Yeah... Just a bit under the weather. I've been having to feed off of wildlife and I guess it's made me a bit sick... either that or I'm coming down with a cold." She mumbled, trying her best to steady herself. "No way I'm gonna get bossed around by a fucking vegetable though... look at those bitches, flaunting themselves like they're something special." She said coldly, biting her tongue a little as she felt her insides churn a little. She really wasn't up to physical activity... especially not with so many people around, but she'd swallow her pride and go out swinging all the same. Auro's support did make her feel marginally better too. "I may not look it, but my legs are pretty sturdy, and I can actually swing this thorax in a bit of an appealing way... but this gig is all about sex appeal, so you gotta oversell yourself... be a bit slutty if you need be... anything to get the meathead jocks riled up is generally a good way to get in with the cheers. Well, that and be a total bitch to anyone that crosses you."

She looked thoughtfully over the field. The two girls obviously had the same sort of powers that she had... and with the fear hanging off her like a stink, she stuck out like a sore thumb, but she was reeling a little at being called a fool. Obviously this was a set up for them to gorge on the fear and shame that came from nerves, came from rejection. She'd done it many, many times herself, and a lot of those out there today would fall prey to their greed. "As a warning, Auro. If you let what they say get to you, what they do push you into stress, they're gonna descend on you like you're a meal ticket, because that's what you are. I've seen their kind before... so steel yourself for a bit of an emotional beating. Truth be told, given the current state of things I'm considering abandoning cheerleading completely, but something about their little flaunty attitude has my blood boiling..." She felt a tide of bitterness washing over her. "Guess I'll just have to try and bump up the sexy this time..." She took a deep breath... trying to forget about her hidden deeds... and Tia's encounter... and put herself in the zone. She too would be watching, waiting, observing the pair, what they liked, what they didn't... trying to smell their reactions to each performance. She had that skill too... after all... and it was a potent weapon in the social game...

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« on: July 21, 2017, 11:24:48 AM »
Thera woke in her web with a groan, her thorax slushing a little when she moved. She hadn't slept too well due to her anxieties, her head reeling about what had happened with Tia too. However, she wasn't going to pass up on this opportunity, and a bit of bloating wasn't going to stop her. She spent several minutes dressing in a cute outfit (a crop top and denim skirt), and applied her makeup with a handmirror. Her hands were occasionally shaking with nerves, but she managed to get it on alright. < What the hell... you're a spider Queen, Thera... why are you so jittery after eating one little faun... >. She looked back at her engorged thorax. Luckily her leg fur hadn't grown out much. She got up and headed off to the meet.

She got her card quickly and sidled up alongside Auro. A familiar face made her feel maybe 5% less nervous so she was being unusually clingy. "H-hey Auro, Trying out too, eh? I didn't think you were the type, but let's break a leg out there, huh?". She belched a little under her breath. If it wasn't for the feeling of dread gurgling up her belly, she'd likely be soaking in the delicious nerves that likely littered the field. The sun beating down on them didn't help her mood, and after this was over, she was hoping she could call-in sick for the day... unless it was magic classes of course... she'd been eagerly awaiting those, even going as far as to research supplementary classes for the time she'd missed in going to a human high-school.

She was a little disappointed to see that Tia wasn't around, but at the same time, the jock obviously wasn't going to join the cheer squad, she'd just slightly hoped she'd come to watch. Still, she found herself looking over the belly of the mer in appreciation. At least SOMEONE had been eating well... well, she couldn't exactly complain now, but it looked good on her, she had to admit. Having arrived a little behind Auro, she'd seen the expression on the greenheart's face towards her. "You'll wanna be careful... they're gonna try and eat you alive socially, but believe me, if you've got the moves for it, they'll soon change their tone... E-even I can do a cheer routine, and look at the size of me!" She said, trying to make a joke. It was however, worth noting that Thera seemed to be quite sick... her voice wheezy, and she winced. This wasn't going to be easy in the slightest... Nerves rolled in her stomach... should she just go back to bed before she caused a scene?

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« on: July 21, 2017, 12:27:43 AM »
Thera's heart began to pound again, this time for a different reason... The dragon jock she'd been admiring as she'd binged all week... had her hands so lewdly groping her overstuffed thorax... She didn't want to admit it as her cheeks began to burn red, even moreso as the pressure caused her to burp again, this time the remains of a half-digested dinner card dropping to the floor. "I... I don't... Bwwwwwuuuurrrp... know who it was... j-just some fat faun that was stupid enough to wander into the woods alone... look... I'll share the cards with you... b-but I can't do this every day... I... ooooohhh..." She was cut off by a sudden moan that escaped her lips, her pedipalps rubbing together again as she heated up under the rubs. Perhaps the dragon didn't understand that her thorax was as sensitive as any monster's rump, and by squeezing her hands all over it she was essentially groping the spider's ass.

"We can... we can say we both got new cards from the school... w-when we get two big ones... any others we can just... s-sneak when no-one else is around... j-just... just please don't tell anyone about this... I promise not to do it to anyone here! I... I just had to eat..." She mumbles, a plead in her voice. She was caught completely off her game in her freaked position, and the Dragon had her against a wall. If she told Garg, Garg would have to report it... and she'd be punished. So here she was... sprawled out on her underside, legs splayed, at the mercy both physically and socially of Tia... and yet...

She was enjoying every moment.

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« on: July 20, 2017, 11:50:19 PM »
"Oh... Hey Tia! I just... -huff huff-... I've just been scavenging around the woods... I set up a web and... it caught a hell of a lot of sea BRRRRUUUP... birds... so I thought I'd help myself... I... I may have overdone it a little though, so I'm just gonna... r-rest off this big meal." She replied through the door. The sounds of her digesting belly could be heard from the other side of the door. The Nauseous spider hadn't had time to climb up onto the web, and was currently just sprawled on the floor of the room, leaning back as best she can to massage the top of her thorax. She could smell her own fear... her heartbeat returning. She was hoping Tia would buy her excuse... but it would only be a temporary measure. "T-the food here sucks for me so I had to... improvise... m-maybe Auro could help you fish... or something?" She says, letting out another belch, staring in horror as a chunk of clothing splatted to the floor, and she bundled it up and tucked it into her cleavage quickly. Gross.

In truth, Tia probably could have seen the way she was walking, and how bloated her thorax had been behind her. That was a damned lot of birds she had eaten! In truth though, the pudgy Faun was gurgling ever louder inside her, a mixture of emotions washing over the spider. She felt relieved, sated, stuffed, exhausted, panicked, mortified at her near-death experience, guilty for devouring another student in the first week, and somewhat smug at being high on the food chain. Her mind was frazzled, and her voice probably didn't hold up too well through her excuses. Tia was treat the the churns and belches as long as she stood at the door however, her belly singing in glee, to her own embarrassment.

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« on: July 20, 2017, 10:33:14 PM »
When Thera breaks the edge of the forest, she's completely puffed out, basically dragging her thorax with her legs burning with exertion. She wanted to badly to sleep... to be tucked away in a web where she could calm down. She could hear voices all around, voices that would probe and ask questions. Her heart continued racing as her anxiety was getting the better of her.

She hoisted herself up as she eventually saw the entrance to the dorms, and put in one last burst of exertion to scuttle across as fast as she could in her puffed-out state, fleeing into the safety of the underground. She'd head straight for her room, stifling the occasional belch under her breath as loud, glorping sounds echoed off the walls, her body desperately trying to digest the massive meal and her body three winks from a food coma.

Harmony would no doubt wonder where her friend had gone, but at least (hopefully) no-one saw her devour him, so at the very worst, she could deny eating him and claim she'd simply devoured some wildlife she'd caught in a web in the woods... yes, that sounded like a good cover story... she needed an alibi... and Garg wouldn't give her one... damnit... if she had just ONE person on her side that she could trust, this would've been a whole lot easier!

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« on: July 20, 2017, 09:19:08 PM »
Spoiler for Rough Soft Vore Scene Inc:
Thera felt her jaw begin to ache as the plump shoulders of the faun began to press into her mouth. She held his wriggling legs tight in her pedipalps, squeezing him as she worked, inch by inch over his body. Moment by excruciating moment passed, each slurp, each shove bulging out her throat and chest so heavily that her lungs were starting to crush against her ribs, even with her unnaturally stretchy body designed to swallow a meal so large. Her eyes slammed shut as she could barely breathe, squeezing small breathes through her nose, but when she hoisted him up with her front two legs, he slid and wriggled suddenly, his fat stomach wedging into her mouth and getting stuck.

She began to panic, her heart racing as she shoved with all her might. She couldn't back out now, but she couldn't let herself be choked to death either. She pushed harder, the fat squishing tight into her mouth, her lips and tongue drooling over that plump stomach, slicking it up. If she'd prepared him with her sauce, maybe it would have been easier, but his wriggling form was squeezing itself deeper, and eventually all air-flow was cut off completely as his hips met her teeth.

She staggered back, her rump smacking into a tree and her eyes starting to go bloodshot. Adrenaline burst through her body as her very life was at stake. She began to shake as she shoved, harder and harder. She could hear his muffled screams within her chest, but she couldn't worry about him now. Her vision was growing dark. Another shove, and he budged a few inches, his feet kicking in the air.

As her head became dizzy, she felt like her throat was going to split. She felt searing pain coming from her chest, her crushed lungs unable to draw in even a single breath. She swallowed with all her might, and something came unstuck. His whole body slid down into her middle, and she used both hands to help shove him down, gasping in delight as a pleasurable sensation burned through her, making her pedipalps squeeze and shake for a moment, before her thorax bulged obscenely, swelling out at least a foot in radius, making her legs shake a little with the weight of it. She flopped down for a moment, panting heavily, her body drenched in sweat as she felt her chest aching still.

Cold sweat ran over her body as she came to her senses. She felt full... fuller than she'd ever been, and days of semi-starvation had paid of delightfully. She felt loud, rumbling gurgles echo through her body, but her head was still filled with the panic that she'd just been mere moments from passing out and choking, and someone would find them both, adding to that mortality rate.

After nearly 15 minutes, she could feel the thrashing stop inside her... guess the air had ran out and he'd at least passed out. Damn was he heavy... she was still huffing and sweating as she got to her feet, and started to scuttle off towards the dorms in the most round-about way she could, avoiding the main paths, taking her time to let herself recover slightly. Classes or not, she was going to crawl back to her web and pass out... maybe Lily would be having a sleepover with her cat-sphinx girlfriend or something... maybe she'd be able to digest in peace... man this was gonna take all night... and she didn't exactly feel like socialising... Garg's words were echoing in her head, warning her not to get caught... Her 'ass' was bloated and fat... obviously far bigger than usual, the star decal stretched a little over the large, straining spiderbutt. Each step became more laboured than the last as she walked... dragged... huffed her way to bed.

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« on: July 20, 2017, 06:47:45 PM »
(( For the sake of those who don't care for Vore, I'm putting this post attempting it in spoilers. Read at your own discretion. If successful, the next post I do will be the same unless I'm told it's fine otherwise ))
Spoiler for Hidden:
It wa all she needed. He was big, it'd take a hell of a lot of effort to force down such a pudgy porker of a satyr, and if she failed, he'd have a cance to get away. She loomed over him, quietly cursing her svelte upper body as she grappled with him. Her natural instincts began to kick in. Unhinging her jaw with a crude -SNAP-, she lunged over Aroshi as he squirmed, smacked by her kic, he'd at least be winded enough to be a little less heavy in the struggling. Head first, as she had been taught... less screaming that way. Her maw engulfed his small-horned head, the taste of his shame still linger, intermingled with the deliciously spicy taste of fear. No turning back now...

Hunger rol for VORE
Rolled 2d6+2 : 4, 3 + 2, total 9

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The spider was planning to take this slow... planned to sneak, planned to lurk... but it was all too much. Her hunger was driving her wild, and days of starvation had led to this very moment. Her heart was racing, her visage started to crack, and in that moment, time seemed to stop. A loud, rumbling grumble of hunger came from her body as the scent of his shame swirled around her, and at last, she snapped. She threw caution to the wind, and threw herself at the pudgy satyr, lashing out with her pedipalps, like a swift kick from her human body, straight into his fat stomach, her eyes grew wild and vacant as she lunged from her place, drooling and panting. "Smells so good... can't resist any more... so hungry... SO DAMNED HUNGRY!"

Spoiler for Hidden:
Hunger Roll for Rampage This dice roll has been tampered with!
Rolled 2d6+2 : 1, 4 + 2, total 7

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« on: July 20, 2017, 05:46:10 PM »
Thera looked over Harmony with no small measure of disgust. Her own body was downright gorgeous by comparison to THAT thing (or so she thought, In a narcissistic kind of way), and she didn't look tasty at all. The pudgy, girly little boy faun made her quiver. Her favourite kind of meal... she had a soft spot for fem-boys after all... a big soft spot. She began to slink silently after him, following him slowly into the woods, tracking the scent of that mouth-watering shame... She composed herself however, watching carefully around and smelling out for fear, to make sure she wasn't being followed. The last thing she needed was a witness.

Once Aroshi had gone deep enough into the woods that he was out of sight of the main campus, she'd circle around him quickly, giving a wide birth, to let him stumble into her. He'd find her crouched down in the road, looking glum, head in her hands. Her overall plot was to look lonely and out-of-place. She even forced out a few tears that would give her a more pathetic and less threatening look to her. "H-hey... s-sorry if I scared you... I know I look like an evil monster... that's what everyone thinks... but I'm not gonna try anything funny. I'll just leave you on your way..." She mumbled as the faun eventually approached. She'd throw everything she had onto the gamble that he'd have sympathy on her given his current shameful mood. If not, she could improvise... but if he did, it would make things much easier to plan around...

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« on: July 19, 2017, 09:58:23 PM »
Thera would tryout for Adluctus. Knowing how to grapple with an opponent was just as important for honing her predator skills than tricking them into her web in the first place, and she figured it would be a useful skill to pick up. That and anyone that could toss over a creature with 10 limbs would probably be a decent person to have as a rival and friend. Of course her gym outfit would be little more than a bikini top and a loincloth. She did have naughty bits up front, her human body extending down that far, but she figured her stick-on underwear would be suitable enough for the sport.

As for classes, she too was quite pleased to see Garg as her new tutor, and proved to be quite the attentive student. Despite her haughty nature in social situations, in class she was a hard worker. She legitimately wanted to learn the subject, and it showed, taking notes and not trying too hard to associate with the other classmates that weren't in her dorm. However, this had a bit of a knock-on effect. With Lily spending most of her time with Sierra, her room became quite lonely, so she'd sometimes knock on Garg just to chat with her casually about how things were going, displaying her interest in defending herself from magic but not necessarily wanting to attack anyone with it. The idea of eating incoming magic did appeal to her, but then again, after eating negative emotions and whole people, she just wanted to add another thing to her repertoire of voracious tendencies.

As for hunting, it was a different story. She had mentioned idly at the lunch table that she liked to roam around in the dark, that it made her feel more at home. What she was actually doing through is being on the lookout for any late night drunken ramblers. Jocks that had gone for a piss in the bushes and wandered out a little too far... those that had been bullied seeking somewhere to vent... anyone that could vanish with no connection to her. She had pleaded her case to the others in exchange for leftovers but she certainly hadn't been gaining any weight from food, snatching extra nourishment from the occasional opportunity nom of sulking and such. The sense for emo feelings made finding those stressed in the woods easier, even in the dark...

She'd tried a couple of times to initiate conversation about classes with Lily in the room, and occasionally she'd comment on Tia's appetite in a positive way, being forward and handsy as always. She had come to know of Auro's popularity on the net, but it didn't seem like she was a big thing in BMI yet, so she was happy to have her as a dinner buddy, but didn't pursue much more unless the jelly somehow decided that the spider was worth chatting to. She had noticed Sierra and Lily's attentions on each other already, both of them being a little bit on the greedy side, and regarded them with a bit of envy. They were both pretty cute, truth be told their wasn't a member of the group that she was particularly pushed away from, but her grandstanding and tantrums hadn't won her any points yet, and she was starting to lose a little of her self esteem.

Of course she tried out for the cheer team, however. It was her opportunity to chase down her old life in the new monster school. She knew routines, served often as a centrepiece for elaborate gymnastics, especially with her ability to climb on walls and hang from the ceiling if needs be. That, and she looked pretty spectacular with all of her limbs tied up in fluff, each spider leg capable of it's own dance movements. Surprisingly nimble for one so large.

Roleplaying Board / Re: [Behemoth Institute PT] (1) Move-In Day
« on: July 19, 2017, 10:55:01 AM »
Well, that was unexpected... but she basically had gotten permission from the RA to devour someone when she needed to... sure, she'd been stiffed on the food... but if she's lucky, maybe she can swipe the card of someone greedy, get a lovely meal so they don't report it.... and enjoy eating nicely instead of her glass of water. All the same, she thought her own ID card would be better off in her possession than discarded, after all, she can use it as her case if she gets busted... "I had no choice!" She thought to herself, her belly rumbling again. Not under her jurisdiction huh? It was getting late... As much as she wanted to scuttle out into the night and find someone to devour, it would probably be best for her to just turn in for the night.

She gave a knock on the door Sierra and Lily were in before speaking through. "I'm gonna tuck up in the web for the night, today has been major sucky for me and I just want it over with. Try to keep the sobbing down to a minimum, and if you're gonna blast music, remember shut-off time is 11. Have fun in there you two~" She teased, hoping to edge Sierra's embarrassment just enough to perhaps steal a little snack... She could smell it ripe, right behind the door, making her drool in her mouth. At least she had some travel snacks in her bag, though not nearly enough to binge on. She'd hunt tomorrow night... hopefully what money she did have could buy her a meal... or at least she could scrounge scraps from her dorm-mates.

She scuttled back into her room with a sigh, her stomach growling loudly, loud enough for anyone outside the door to hear it as she pulled a sad, half eaten bag of chips and the remaining oatmeal bars from her pack, laying back in her webs and closing her eyes. "Dinner of fucking kings... Not for long though... You're alright, Miss RA. I won't get caught, for your sake~" She grinned a little. She'd have the last laugh when she graduated with a few students padding her ass...

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« on: July 19, 2017, 01:45:19 AM »
A genuine look of worry had been spreading across her face throughout the story. She hadn't brough a whole lot of cash with her, and her bank card had been set to only give her a few limited funds for snacks and beer, not a full food budget. Garg was on the money and it showed on her face. She nodded at the zipping motion, but still gave a pleading expression as the scent of Sierra's embarassment made her belly rumble all the more. Still, while it would give her energy and even calories to devour those emotions, it wouldn't quiet her rumbling belly any. Being expelled sounded bad... she'd never get a job and would basically be stuck with her family as a predator of the old ways instead of flourishing like the star she wanted to be...

After Sierra's door slammed, she scuttled awkwardly on her many legs, trying to ward off her aching belly for even a moment. "It's not fair... how am I supposed to live like this? I didn't even get any of the pizza you ordered coz Tia horked it all down... and I was grandstanding to show off so I was rude to you too..." She whimpered. It was fine while no-one was around... she WAS hungry and frustrated... and Garg seemed to sympathise even though there was the threat that she'd be devoured in an instant. She was pretty cool... despite being a possible snack. Thera was already seeing her in a new light. She knew her new dorm-mates were all pally with each other, so eating any of them was out of the question, except maybe the truanting pair that she'd seen hanging outside.

"D-do you have any advice? I mean... I'm not like a plant that can soak up energy from the ground... and I can't exactly go hunting from wildlife on the grounds... This big body of mine needs nourishment, and a glass of water and a wink isn't going to fill my belly... and given how it's distributed it's not like I can steal food... I really don't want to be the one begging for scraps at the table..." She said, tears in her eyes as she threw the card she had so proudly chosen to the floor in pent up frustration. "I'm just so hungry... I can't stand it... I haven't eaten all day and it's nearly shut up time...". The stress of her hunger was getting to her, and it was taking everything in her power just to hold back from devouring even the closest one to someone trusted she has on the island.

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