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Quest Games / Re: Anna's Wedding
« on: March 24, 2017, 11:35:52 PM »
Hey, I've been trying to get the best ending, and I've followed jerkajerks instructions to a T, but I can only get the sister up to 170 pounds at the end. Could I get some help?

The sisters weight is basically binary if i remember correctly, shes either fatter or not.

Very enjoyable so far; I think I've found close to everything that can be done currently. Only exception is what to do with
Spoiler for Hidden:
the Steel Capsule after eating the steak, or if I can actually do anything with the southwest arch.

I understand to an extent why sequence-breaking could be an issue, although I don't know much about Quest's scripting. However, there's one particular instance where the event text ought to change based on what you're wearing; it doesn't make a whole lot of sense otherwise:
Spoiler for Hidden:
Breaking the statue with the sledgehammer plays out the same way even if you're not wearing anything with a breastplate

Lastly, it seems like it's entirely possible to run around naked and be stuck that way:
Spoiler for Hidden:
Not only can you drop the bone armor, but it's impossible to pick back up.

Hell and damnation.  All will be fixed in the next update.

And fixes are made!  Hopefully I got all of the... The "in stool" one was especially embarrassing.

Spoiler for Hidden:
"You walk down the souther corridor, only to hear a noice echoing from within."

After eating pancakes: "Groaning, you lean back in your stool-" I think you mean on your stool...

After eating steak: "You pause midsection as your stomach lets out a hearty gurgle-" Freudian slip?

Looking at Ruined Leather Armor: "Thankfully, you were able to fasten together a few scraps together to keep your dignity-" double together

> look at Small Hole: PASSWORD?stil occassionally flashes on the screen, before the grid of letters appears.

> look at Sconce: A sconce. You know, a sconce! Scones hold torches. Literally everyone knows that.

Spoiler for Hidden:
The password system did not accept "Anything" until the second time I looked at the hole.

You can not pick up the Ruined Leather Armor or the Apple Dress after dropping them, and their descriptions reflect that they are worn still.

Eating the steak or pancakes makes the NE exit and counter disappear.

Not sure what the third password option is, and I am out of time for testing. Keep up the good work.

Great catches!  I really should run this stuff through a text editor or something before I publish it, I'd probably post with a lot less typos :P

Also, the sconce already has a torch in it.  I'm updating the look at dialogue to reflect this.  It will have a purpose eventually.  Gotta get this trainwreck of an update fixed before I can start working on more.

Is anyone else having trouble accessing version 0.3? Keeps on giving me a timeout error in my browser.

I keep getting that timeout of session happening too (firefox browser), what gives?

No clue, dude(s).  I have the same issue.  It's something with Firefox not liking the Quest engine.  Try either downloading it or opening it in a different web browser.

Heya! First time poster and new log in, I wanted to ask how to
Spoiler for Hidden:
deactivate the guy in the casino, or if that has been implemented yet. I'm only asking because the sauna girl said that i could use the power cell on him, but when I threatened him while I had the cell I got a game over.

Not implemented yet.  That may be a later game thing.  I want to give people a reason to come back to this floor.

Liking this update so far. Found the one outfit, though not certain how to find the other one.

Spoiler for Hidden:
Found the apple dress, but need a hint for the other outfit

Good work as always.

Yeah it should be an event following purchasing the steak but as everyone has pointed out, that event is broken.  still trying to find time to fix it.

Hints are always welcome!  Im planning on changing up some critical path stuff before I finish this floor of the dungeon.  Ill look into the various bugs tonight, and hopefully get em fixed before the weekend.  Im getting sick so its hard to focus on the game at the moment :p

Newest version is out!  Patch notes are located within the game.

Lemme know if anything's broken.

Quest Games / Re: Becky's Binge
« on: March 13, 2017, 11:43:44 PM »
Damn, this game was incredible.  Honestly, this blew me away and inspired me to add so much more to my current project!  Well done.

Schedule slip ahoy?

Yeah, whoopsie doodle.  Too caught up in Machodummys new game ;D  Ive got most of it done, Ill hopefully be posting it soon.  I decided to flesh out some stuff more than I had planned so its taking a little longer.

Quest Games / Re: Anna's Wedding
« on: March 09, 2017, 05:22:06 PM »
Just letting you all know that my new game should be finished by the end of the week :)




In interest of not posting a bunch of events that lead to dialogue that just says "HEY I'LL ADD THIS NEXT WEEK", I'm going to push the update back to Friday.  I feel confident I can get all dialogue done by then.


Pacha, did you seriously just ask if there's gonna be weight gain in the game?  Do you even KNOW me?  ;D

Weeell I don't think I ever read "weight gain" in the game description, and only found inflation in the game (for the moment), so I actually thought for a moment that maybe you intended to make an inflation-only game :p

Fair enough.  Yes, there will be weight gain.  Some will happen to Tane, some will happen to others.   With Tan, I want it to be gradual.  With others... maybe not so much.

Quest Games / Re: Gingerbread House
« on: March 01, 2017, 06:30:25 AM »
This is very simple, and while I like the setup, it's extremely light with the content.  Furthermore, speaking to the witch causes more cake to appear in your inventory every single time, and... That seems to be it?

If you want help with the engine, send me a message and I'll look your code over and maybe figure out what it is you're stuck on.

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