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World of Corpulence / World of Corpulence, Main Thread
« on: August 22, 2016, 11:01:51 PM »
Terrene is a typical, generic fantasy world with a bit of everything. It has a usual medieval society which resembles known tropes, borrowing heavily from pop culture such as dungeons & dragons, and otherwise. In this world magic is drawn from another dimension, known as the "Otherworld". However once something goes through to another world, it leaves a gap for the volatile energies to pass, and unskilled tampering leads to chaotic results which may not be obvious at a first glance. Currently there is a known disease, one such major contagion said to be caused by the powerful inhabitants of the Otherworld; the demons. This disease, the corpulence, grows stronger with each person that surrenders to it. The vice of gluttony spreads, and the people becomes increasingly hedonistic. In order to suppress the spread of this evil, righteous men and women try to answer magic with vigilance, culling those who would see Terrene fall to temptation.
In other words it's a standard demon plot, which acts as a fine device for telling a kink based story.
The player sets out into this world as a character who is wrongly targeted as a demonic threat. This opens up for them to turn against their aggressors, and actually become what they'd been accused of being. They will then set out and deliberately try to corrupt those around them, often by feeding them and coercing them into fatness! At the same time, the player can also fail in their tasks, and sometimes become the victim of this weight gain instead. The goal is for the game to fluidly progress, or at least lead to interesting ends regardless of how well the game is played. Each fight can be won or lost, and while some defeats might just weaken the player, others will lead to wholely separate scenes.

How it's different:
The story and setting isn't very interesting, nor does it aim to be. Though for a desire to create something which hopefully stands out in other ways, I've taken on certain design philosophies which will hopefully lead to this being a different experience to similar RPG Maker games. These ideals can be easily summarized;
Lack of traditional JRPG features: This game will lack a lot of the typical things you come across in RPG Maker games. There are no levels, experience, 'random encounters' or classes. I have a personal gripe with things that slows the pace of a game down needlessly, so I've made a deliberate effort to remove any need to grind as well as the need to escape from countless pop-up encounters. There's a downside to that, which is that the game will most likely be a lot shorter.
Items = Firepower: In this game you generally have two ways to deal with an opponent. You can beat them into submission, or you can overfeed them. You will need to spend your items for the latter, and hoarding food items is therefore the best way to make this option available. This hopefully encourages you to explore every area, to find hidden caches of food or coins.
No loss state: This is a kink game. Losing shouldn't just be a game-over screen when it could be something so much more fun! That's why I'm attempting to make it so losing is a valid option to proceeding as often as possible.

What will it feature?:
The main theme of the game is by far weight gain. That being said I'm fairly open to including other kinks, or having a larger scene variety to introduce some other things. I'm doing this for my own enjoyment, but I'm also very curious to what other people are interested in seeing, maybe I'll incorporate some of those things. I'm still debating how 'hard core' I want to go with this, and whether sex, domination, non-con, BDSM and similar themes should have a place within the game.
As for the update schedule, there really isn't one. This is a hobby project, and I'm absolutely not the most efficient worker when it comes to this. That being said I didn't get to include the majority of the custom sprites I've made for the initial release, so maybe I'll be able to work in the next bits of content a lot faster than I did originally. We'll see though.

World of Corpulence, Demo Download:

Known issues:

-The "Fish" item currently has no use. I simply forgot to finish up the items database before uploading the game, sorry! Will be fixed whenever I release a new version.

Board Request / RPG Maker - World of Corpulence
« on: August 22, 2016, 09:05:02 PM »
I've put in more work in my project, and am currently uploading a demo of it on mediafire. Given that it's in a more presentable form, I'd be happy to have a board for it in a similar vein to the other RPG Maker games!

It's probably easiest to leave out sub-boards and use threads in place of them.

I initially started on my own project, making an introduction to a game, trying to heavily modify the combat system and some things like that. In spite of my humble progress, I've now decided to scrap it and start over with RPG Maker MV. For one it's the newer program, but one of the driving motivations for me was the ability to have a larger game window, as well as the larger default sprites which will fit at least somewhat better with the relatively large-sized halfkaizer assets. Just to reiterate for anyone still using VX ace; the window cannot be resized past 640x480, however MV has that functionality.

For my own project, I have a whole lot more ideas than drive to actually make something unfortunately. It's likely I'll never be able to produce anything past a few rare sprites which I'll on occasion share here. If I am able to make it though, here's a summary of what my plan is:

The game world is afflicted by a curse called the corpulence. Overeating and indulgence is trending due to a greater demon escaping into the material realm, and seeping their evil into the people. The player controls a chef which is by coincidence recruited by the demon to fatten up and steer others to hedonism and indulgence. Super simple plot and setting, but it sets the tone hopefully, and the game will (if ever made) most likely feature force feeding and unwilling weight gain.

Goals I hoped to incorporate into the game:
- Combat is super simple, with values than anyone can get a quick grasp of. Two values, health and fullness, which are managed in order to overcome opposition. You can win traditionally, or by overfeeding the enemy. Combat based on preparation, as certain enemies will be weak to certain food types, and food must be managed as a resource.
- A lot of characters, important and minor will have several stages of weight gain, and the player should try to figure out how to fatten up as many of them as possible.
- The player can also gain weight, though this is almost always inconvenience. Areas will become inaccessible, the player's movement speed is reduced, and other characters will be more hostile. These inconveniences won't be overly annoying, as this still aims to be enjoyable.
- No game over screen, but rather a loss will lead to another outcome, which could for instance be the player gaining weight instead of the opponent.

Though again I'm starting over with this, and I don't expect I'll make a lot of progress. Maybe once I've gotten more of the sprites down, I'll feel more comfortable putting effort into the actual RPG Maker program to make content. In the meantime I'm happy to take feedback, so I can adapt, as I'm fairly early on in the process unfortunately.

RPG Maker General Board / RPG Maker, Resource Thread
« on: February 26, 2016, 11:38:57 PM »
A simple thread dedicated to any weight gain related sprites and resources that might be available, but difficult to find, or a place to share different sources for decent gamemaking assets in general. I don't really have a lot going in terms of resources right now, but I'm debating trying to get into doing some simple spriting myself.

I'll try to update this post if sprite more relevant content.
Spoiler for Hidden:
For use with the Half Kaizer template, which seems to be a community project which didn't quite take off to the degree one could hope. The sprites are decently detailed, which is why I appreciate them more than the standard RPG Maker ones, besides, plagiarism.

(This is a 600x340 image, and 4x1 character grid, make sure to reformat it to 4x2, or 600x680 as it's what RPGMaker wants. It's fine to leave the bottom half blank.)

Sample Character

Spoiler for Hidden:

It makes decent looking faces with a lot of variations for different expressions. However the only process I've found to actually put this into RPG Maker is tedious. I had to screenshot every different expression (8 Total), then arrange them in photoshop and both remove the white background, as well as resize the images to 394x192.
(RPG Maker seems to require 96x96 faces, arranged 4x2)

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