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Voracious! / Voracious! Discord Chat
« on: July 18, 2017, 11:34:17 AM »
I have set up a discord server for Voracious!

This server is for general questions, chatter about ongoing games, discussion about rules and updates, and occasionally I will recruit people from it to do 'If we're free' games for fun.

I'll probably lurk on it whenever I'm awake so feel free to ask questions and I'll answer them when I get round to it

Hey guys! My binge of FFXIV is over and Masterful has returned, so I will be resuming the 'Demon Realm of Gluttony' campaign of Voracious!
The game will be on Sundays at 6pm GMT, and I am opening the game to 6 slots. I will not be playing a character in this game unless all 6 slots are not filled. Currently, I have confirmations from the following:
-Integ Grot

Edit- All slots are filled (again), but I have started work on the GMs guide so if you have Microsoft Excel, and are interested in attempting to run a game, give me a poke and we can discuss.

Voracious! / Voracious Hiatus
« on: March 23, 2017, 01:25:18 AM »
Hi everyone!

Unfortunately, as of next Tuesday I may be taking a hiatus from working on Voracious!
I am in hospital for semi-major surgery and will likely be in recovery for up to 6 weeks. If I am well and healthy, I will run games and update games regularly, but expect delays and cancellations. If tenuous cancellations are unacceptable, let me know and I will make them permanent cancellations until I can guarantee I will be well enough to run and work on the game. I will be extending my 'work on every day' challenge to resume after I have recovered, as to keep up work on the game.

Thanks for your patience and continued interest in my silly weight gain RPG, you guys are making it a treat for me.


Voracious! / A small Voracious update everyday til May.
« on: March 09, 2017, 05:15:17 PM »
Hey folks!

I've come to the conclusion that despite Zelda:BotW, Warhammer and IRL drama eating up most of my time the last month, I need to get my ass in gear with this game again. It's been a long time since any progress was made besides test games, and lots of stuff remains unfinished, SO! Herein I have set myself a small challenge. Every weekday from now until the start of May, I will be doing at least a small amount of work on Voracious! and posting what I have done on that day here as proof to both myself and my players that I'm sticking to it. For every day I miss, I will mark it down, and you guys can think of a suitable punishment for the lazy ass vixen to suffer for not getting of her fat lazy ass.

Starting tomorrow of course! I have plans for tonight!

Keep on chomping!

Day 1: Added more advancements for classes.
Day 2: The Calculator can now add/remove HP, fatigue and inventory weight correctly
Day 3: Long, tiring day, taking a sin.
Day 4: More Calculator work, enabling the production of fluids, and digesting food into none-fat substances. (Errors surfaced, requires more work)

Thanks to my BF, I have finally managed to begin ground work on the public calculator that will allow Voracious to be run by people other than me. It's in early stages right now, but hopefully progress while proceed smoothly. I'm going to keep working on smoothing out rules for it, and hopefully drum up a small GM's guide for the 0.5 release. This will mean I will be posting up links for GMs to take the game and run it for their friends. However, I will be doing so under certainly conditions-
-Please give me feedback on rules you believe need to be changed (and why). This does not include your own personal tastes for gaining going faster, as the rules can be tweaked as you see fit if the steady gaining and stomach stretching is not to your tastes.
-If you have an idea for fun new additions, let me know! I'll be happy to discus and perhaps even implement them into the core rules.
-Please do not post the rules link anywhere else. If I discover it has been posted elsewhere without my permission, I will likely remove the public link and reconsider releasing it publicly at all. The game is unfinished and I do not wish it to be spread around before it is. So please download only for your own use.
-I would enjoy hearing about what happened in the games, and how different players approached it, so if you would like to save logs, or even keep basic updates to the 'gameplay sharing' thread, please feel free to do so.

That said, the calculator is being created by my partner, who has a full time job, so do not expect it to be out in the immediate future, just letting you all know that it was finally in the works. Keep on nomming!

Voracious! / Gameplay Discussion Thread (All Players)
« on: January 21, 2017, 07:46:30 AM »
After Kostromama mentioned it, I figured it was a good idea to get something like this, so this will be the discussion thread for all games currently running for Voracious! Share your experiences, chat about the game, and give others a little insight into what it's like to play!

I will also be keeping a complete listing of the rulebook posted here, now complete with live updates!

Hey everyone! Thank you for your continued interest in the Fat and Vore RPG, Voracious! I am proud to say the game is moving along nicely, and we have a host of new features to announce!

0.4 Features added.
-Overhauled Fatigue system: No longer will you have to fiddle with exercise rate, food fattiness and complex metabolism math, now everything is wrapped into one stat called 'fatigue'! Doing exercise or fighting hard will raise it, while eating high fat food lowers it! Take it easy, binge, and get fat! Or stock up on sugary foods for a battle to come!
-New Spirit race, with elementals and pixies. Bend the elements to your will, and get some permanent spells for free while you're at it!
-Hybrid perk: Can't decide between an inflating dragon or a clever harpie? well fear no more! For a mere 5 perk points, you can begin the game as a 50/50 character, with the perks from both classes!
-Other tweaks and management for the new fatigue system

0.41 features planned.
-SURGE!- New combat techniques for melee and physical ranged attackers will allow them to gain and use surge points for special abilities, allowing for a moment in the spotlight where previously they might sink it just melee attacking.
-'Training' mechanic- Lots of people have asked how a player will go about raising their stat points, their WWL, and other such stats. In 0.41, we will be introducing the ability to spend time training. During downtime, the group may split into individuals to work on their performance. Training can improve WWL, raise a stat point, or even allow a player to learn a new spell or combat technique. Training gives fatigue however, so if you're planning to get fat... maybe you could just get a burger and take a nap instead? Decisions...
-Equipment Overhaul- With the advancing combat mechanics and the focus on the player as a whole, equipment is being changed. Armour and shields will become more accessible, and the difference between 1h and 2h equipment is being further modified. WWL will them be affected by all carried equipment (though packs will allow a lighter burden on it while items are inside), so WWL may be adjusted accordingly.

Hope you're still hungry out there~

Voracious! / Version 0.4 Playtest Thread
« on: January 16, 2017, 07:30:53 AM »
Thought I'd open up a new thread for the updated rules discussion for 0.4

Current Groups-
Sunday- (6pm-11pm GMT)

The Calculator V2 is now properly accepting eating commands and appropriately updating fatigue/stomach contents, as well as outputting messages to describe changes to stomach contents and fatigue.
Moving onto the rest break and digestion function now

(Update 2)
Calculator can now do rest breaks and digestion of food stomachs. That'll have to do for now but I anticipate it being able to manage fluids and food/fluids by the end of the week, as well as hopefully avoiding bloat stacks and stuff being digested. For now, sleep!

Voracious! / Break and upcoming 0.4 update
« on: December 17, 2016, 09:20:31 AM »
Hey guys! Just thought I'd do a nice new post to outline everything that's going to be going down over the holidays.

The first thing is the game is cancelled until after the new years or until I can confirm everyone is back for the game. I will be spending the time writing a heavy amount of rules changes and a new calculator to fit them. The old one has been grown out of and I think the game could be run a damned sight easier if I bundled up a new one that did everything the game handles, so look forward to a smoother voracious experience! I'd encourage everyone playing to refresh themselves with the new rules when 0.4 is released, as the new fatigue system proposed by Kostromama will likely be replacing the high/low fat food and exercise system that was part of the game until this point. I will also be overhauling the perks and possibly adding some new ones. I'd love to hear more of your feedback on what you'd like to see, and will add it to the list below of things I've considered for future content. As always, thanks for playing and for your interest, and I hope Voracious will continue to grow until I can release a full, balanced ruleset complete with GMs guide.

-------Future game mechanic brainstorm list--------

-Height and Lean weight character growth mechanics
-Finish up the crafting system
-Possible Pregnancy content
-Race/Classification advancement perks
-New Spell/Status Effects and Apprentice level spells (Conjure salad, Absorb Surge, Fatigue Link, Bolster WWL)

Voracious! / Q&A and Rules Discussion Room
« on: November 03, 2016, 06:26:53 PM »
I've created a room for Voracious to discuss idea and the like in roll20. I'll update this thread when it's open and when I close it, to give people a chance to ask me questions face to face.
The room can be found here:

Voracious! / Suggestions and Requests
« on: October 31, 2016, 03:04:15 PM »
Hey guys, so a lot of people have had a chance to play and enjoy the game now, so I thought I'd open up a thread for ideas and suggestions for how the game could be improved. This could be as simple as new perks and spells, to possible ideas for game mechanics. Not everything will obviously be implemented, but I'll consider all of your ideas!

Voracious! / Project Progress Updates
« on: June 12, 2016, 05:17:03 AM »
Hello! Today for the first time in a long time I've been doing a decent amount of work on the game as I have been feeling productive. Today I updated the character class list to make a few boring ones fun and add a few new options to take for your species/classification. The new roster is as follows!

Humanoid (Includes Generic Furs such as Wolves, Cats, Dogs)- Gain +2 starting perk points
-Adventurer- Gain +1 dice to any combat contest, and a 25% gold discount on non-food items in stores.
-Gourmand- Start with 5lbs extra stomach capacity, and gain an addition -2 reduction to stuffing check difficulty when eating food of at least +1 quality. Gain a 25% gold discount on all food items in city stores and restaurants.
-Wildling- While exploring outside of the city walls, you are more aware than others may be in your shoes. When rolling for a wilds trek, the GM will roll two options, tell you privately, and allow you to decide on which. If the party has multiple wildlings, an additional option is rolled for each, and they must decide among themselves which to go for.

Reptile- Your naturally stretchiness makes it easier for you to swallow large meals. When you swallow food that weighs at least 50% of your stomach capacity in one bite, roll an addition dice for your stuffing check.
-Snake- When swallowing food that weighs 75% or more of your stomach capacity, reduce the difficulty by 10%
-Lizard- Due to stretching stomach scales, gain -5 difficulty to a stuffing check, but after you eat over your limit lose this bonus for 1 hour while the stretching settles.
-Dinosaur- Once per combat, you can use up a combat turn to stun a target with a roar for their next turn, if they weigh less than you. Stunned targets cannot resist against being attacked or eaten. Eating an enemy whole resets this ability.

Livestock- Food with up to -3 quality can be eaten as normal.
--Male (Gain a permanent +1 strength)
--Female (Your breasts can hold 10lbs of milk, generating at a rate of 10% of their capacity per hour. This milk counts as high fat. Your breasts can stretch from overfilling as your stomach would, but you must make a stuffing check or risk them leaking/bursting (Herms may choose one or the other)
-Pig- Once per rest (6 hr rest resets) you may choose to reroll a Stuffing Check.
-Prey- It costs half as much to respawn from being eaten.

Seafolk- You may transform your body into half-fish, enabling better swimming, and underwater breathing. When you eat seafood, you roll an additional dice for your stuffing checks.
-Shark- Feeding Frenzy- Once per day, for fifteen minutes, when you roll a stuffing check, gain +10 to the roll. Until you rest, you take -5 to stuffing checks after it expires.
-Siren- You control one creature for an hour after beating them in a CHAvsWIL contest. Only one creature may be under your control at a time.
-Whale- You may choose from 7-9ft tall and 160lbs-230lbs (80% as lean) instead of the usual seafolk sizes. Your stomach capacity starts at 20lbs. When you successfully eat food with a base stuffing difficulty of 40 or more, gain a stack of ‘confidence’, up to 3. You may spend 3 stacks of confidence to reroll a stuffing check that you would vomit from.
Skyfolk- You can fly, and gain a base flight weight limit of 80% of your walking weight limit. If you eat from within a ‘nest’ (a home, or a place you call home), increase your vomit threshold by 5.
-Harpy- -6 difficulty to stuffing checks when the food weighs less than 10% of your maximum stomach capacity.
-Wingfolk- Can attempt to devour prey from the sky. If the Wingfolk attempts to eat live prey while flying, they gain -8 difficulty to the stuffing check.
-Dragonoid- The dragon is the lord of all creatures. When you successfully devour living prey with over 30% of your stomach capacity in base weight, gain a stack of ‘pride’ (up to 5). You may spend these points to gain -2 to the difficulty of any stuffing check after you roll. If you use pride points, you will not gain them from this eating check. If you vomit or die, all pride stacks are lost.

Insect- Your base walking weight limit is increased by 50%, allowing you to carry more weight without getting slowing down or becoming immobile.
-Arachnid- You have poison in fangs, claws or stingers which can completely immobilise a target if you best them in a dex vs con contest. This prevents the struggle penalty when eating live prey.
-Queen (female only)- You start with two drones, smaller versions of your species that will do your bidding. They can be ordered to scavenge food, defend you, or attack an enemy. If one dies, it will automatically respawn at the next break. By sacrificing 20% of your lean weight in fat, you can become pregnant with a new drone, which after 1 day will be born and serve you like the others.
-Bee- You can fly and gain a flight weight limit of 70% of your base weight limit. You have a thorax that produces 10% of its capacity in high fat honey every hour (updates at break, starting capacity 10lbs). Your thorax may be stretched like a stomach, but you must roll a stuffing check for it every time new honey is added.

Plantoid- Can drink water from rich, healthy soil by planting roots, at a rate of 20% of their maximum stomach capacity an hour. This nutrient filled water counts as low fat food.
-Alraune- When you eat a seed, you may grow a fruit on your body that is 5% of your total body weight in high fat food. The fruit takes 8 hours to grow, and you may have up to 4 fruits growing at any one time. Some special seeds produce special fruit.
-Dryad, You can produce delicious sap within their body from sunlight. The Dryad can fill parts of their body with up to 20% of their total body weight in sap per day, as long as they remain in sunlight. This sap cannot be eaten by Plantoids, but counts as high fat food for everyone else.
-Man-Eater Plant- Your body is made for eating living prey. When you eat a living creature that takes up more that 50% of your stomach capacity, your digestion rate will gain a +10% bonus until the next rest break. This bonus does not stack.

Fae- Fae can sense pockets of latent magical energy in the air, and even suck up and eat it. While this does not add any extra weight to the Fae's stomach, it does raise the calorie rating of the food in their stomach at that moment, increasing the amount of weight they will gain from it. Also, A Fae can cast a 'spell' depending on their classification, by lowering the calorie level of food in their stomach, if they have 50% or more capacity, on either themselves or another character.
-Fairy- Can cast a spell that increases digestion rate by 10%/hr, that lasts 8 hours.
-Spirit- Can cast a spell that allows a reroll the next time the subject would fail a stuffing check.
-Celestial- Can cast a spell that increases any stat by 1 as a modifier, lasts 3 hours, cannot stack.

Dark-kin- Gain +1 dice pool to any contest done at night
Demon- Can devour a fallen creature's soul. The soul counts as 25% of the target's body weight in high fat food. The target must be recently dead or unconscious.
Vampire- Can drink blood as food. When succeeding a grapple strength contest, or catching a target unawares or asleep, the vampire may feed on the target's blood. The blood has a calorie value depending on the weight of the target (I.E. Slim targets are low fat, obese targets are high fat)
Zombie- You can eat old corpses and rancid meat with no penalties. Eating a recently dead enemy gives you +5 to stuffing checks. When you die, if your body is not destroyed (by fire, or digestion for example), you will reanimate at a rest break with no consequences.

Weirds- +10lbs of Stomach Capacity, +25% starting lean weight (and 10% height), +1 to any stat +/- 5% to digestion speed OR +/- 10% to metabolism.
Monster- Choose from: +5 to stuffing checks when eating live prey, +10% stomach capacity gained from stretching, or gain the ‘Obscure Eater’ perk
Slime- Slimes do not follow normal game rules. A slime’s stomach capacity is equal to 80% of their body weight, and their body never differentiates between fat and lean. When the slime digests food into fat, they grow larger, and can thus eat more food. If a slime   takes physical harm, slime may splatter off and make them get smaller. This slime may not be retrieved later, as it dissolves and dissipates. If a slime’s body is partially consumed, that slime is also lost. They begin the game at 20lbs by default. If a slime is killed, they will respawn with 20lbs weight. Excess slime can be stored in sealed containers for later use by the slime, but only if stored correctly. A slime may not roll stuffing checks, as they may never exceed their stomach capacity. Any excess is immediately lost, and if the food is larger than the slime, the prey will simply be able to peel off the slime and free themselves.
Chimera- When you eat something alive, you gain small traits from the creatures you eat. Your body will change, and you main gain both negative and positive quirks rapidly from what you consume. For example, eating a naga might give you a tail and make your belly stretchy, but it also takes away your legs, and you would now have a bigger body to feed. This class should not be taken lightly, as it will change very rapidly and will not always benefit from the transformation. When you create your character, you may only use up to 5 perk points.


So! I hope you had fun reading through these, let me know what you're favourites are, or if you think any or too weak/powerful compared to the others. Remember, this list is not 100% inclusive of what you can play, but anything not on this list would have to be discussed with your GM before making your character (for example, if you wanted to play a crocodile reptile with a unique ability, you would have to discus with your GM what that would be that prevents it from being too powerful and ruining the fun for the other players).
I'll keep you posted with new updates, tomorrow and monday, I'll be trying to hammer out magic! Just a few basic spells for now probably, but hopefully it'll be fun~

Keep on filling those tummies!

Voracious! / Voracious! FAQ
« on: March 16, 2016, 11:39:34 PM »
So, in light of a little bit of interest, I have created a small FAQ about the game to explain a few things. Here goes!

Voracious! A Furry RPG where you stuff your face! (FAQ)

What is ‘Voracious!’?

‘Voracious!’ Is a project made by me, Nuumi, for those who enjoy a moderately paced weight gain, food play or vore scenario. The idea of the game is that you start off with a small stomach capacity, and work with your friends to eat, fight, earn gold and ultimately pursue the greediest and/or fattest you can be. With perks and traits engineered for feeders, food play, vore enthusiasts, force feeding, playing a prey character, I hope to make Voracious! A game that can be enjoyable for everyone in the weight gain and stuffing community.

How does it play?

The two core concepts of the game are ‘Stuffing Checks’ and ‘Contests’. A stuffing check is a dice roll that gets harder the more your character eats over their ‘stomach capacity’, but doing so will cause their belly to stretch out for next time. A failure can result in vomiting, or even death by overeating, so know your limits but push push push! A contest is a dice roll with various modifiers including stats, bonuses from the situation and perk bonuses against another player or NPC to decide the outcome of a class. Having a cooking contest? Trying to beat someone up? Having a race? All of it is contests. Chances are, if it’s not eating, it’s a contest!

Can I run a game?

The short answer right now is no. The system of Voracious is slightly complicated in the fact that a GM needs a bespoke calculator to run the game. It is a half-way hybrid of a text adventure and a group RPG, bringing imagination and group interaction and flexibility to a mathematical system. This calculator currently runs on a badly thrown together excel macro sheet (I’m not a programmer, that’s all I know how to do) but I currently have someone making an executable, and after that and the GM’s guide are made, I will release the game to be run by others.

Can I get involved?

Yes! I’m always looking for new ideas and the best way to organise a group for Voracious is to approach me and let me know you’re intested. I tend to try and knit people around time zones, but given how I am a university student in England, my times can be sporadic, but I try to make sure I have at least a decent amount of time for my US and Australian friends! One again, get me on BubblegumMio on Furaffinity, Nuumi on F-list, or here on the WG forums and lets have a chat!

How long ‘til the game is finished?

Voracious is a large project for me, and balancing has proved harder than I originally thought, but the skeleton of the game is getting stronger by the day, and after that, it’s just a matter of fleshing it out. Luckily, a lot of Voracious comes from the players imagination, so each game is guaranteed to be new and different to the last.

I don’t like Vore, is it essential?

Not at all! The game works just as fine with large amounts of food, so vore can be avoided if players are not interested. Obviously, if a group has mixed feelings, those less inclined to Vore may be asked to tolerate other players enjoyment of it, and enjoy their mixed fish banquet in the local restaurant rather than trying to devour a hapless rat man that made the wrong decision on who to mug.

If you guys have any more questions, feel free to ask!

Board Request / Voracious! A Furry RPG where you stuff your face!
« on: February 15, 2016, 07:10:11 PM »
Hihi, I'm BubblegumMio from FA, and I mentioned my RPG 'Voracious!' on the original post. Would you like to see a little of the content for it, or could I maybe just have a topic and I'll post up the alpha version after I've cleaned it up a bit?

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