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Feature Requests / Re: Gender Option
« on: April 10, 2018, 10:26:25 PM »
Obesity can sometimes affect menstruation, causing periods to become irregular, extra heavy and painful, or stop entirely, depending on the individual? There's not a lot of medical consensus on why because, surprise, doctors don't care about fat women, but that weight might be about right for your cycle to get fucked up.

Quest Games / Re: Quest Programming Question
« on: March 01, 2018, 06:00:38 PM »
My code-fu is also pretty weak, but looking at the pieces, I'm fairly confident that you can build something RPG-like in Quest.  Levels and combat statistics are just "attributes," which are basically just variables attached to a specific object, and you can set the game up to run scripts after each player "turn" fairly easily. So while you'll have to build those systems, Quest does hand you most of the blocks you'd need to do it?

Here's a forums post about the prospect, and has a little code library you might be able to use to jump-start the process or examine for inspiration.

Quest Games / Re: Space Odyssey: Fortune's Feast
« on: February 19, 2018, 04:12:11 PM »
*quietly renames half-finished Twine Game away from Fortune's Feast*

This is really well put-together!  I love the mostly-menu-driven interface and I like being able to consider shooting everything there is.

I did get stuck having chosen to enter Wing B first-- I've killed the robot there, but it didn't get removed or anything, and I get the same "you killed it!" message each time I fire on it again, with no ability to leave or interact with anything else.

RPG Maker General Board / Re: Vile City
« on: January 09, 2018, 06:48:20 PM »
Yeah, but the fact that she can still act when her BP exceeds her level means she's effectively one level higher than the others for much of the game?

RPG Maker General Board / Re: Vile City
« on: January 07, 2018, 12:40:02 AM »
This game should definitely go on the "Unclaimed" list.

I normally hate RPG maker (the aesthetic just bugs me!) but this game is actually really well polished.  It's a bunch of interlocking systems-- money, fullness, hunger, HP, XP-- that together form a more complex strategic matrix that's less grindy and more challenging than most fetish games (which are basically about grinding 'til you're fat).

It's content-complete and has lots of little secrets and frankly I'm surprised that I hadn't seen it on the board already.

Programming Help / Re: Line Height / Paragraph Spacing in Twine
« on: November 09, 2017, 11:13:26 PM »
Code: [Select]
vertical-align: middle;
display: inline-block;
Seems to have fixed the issue.

Programming Help / Re: Line Height / Paragraph Spacing in Twine
« on: November 08, 2017, 10:07:43 PM »
Hmmm... nope.  Padding and margins don't seem to do it, whether applied to img style or a new class of style.  Increasing line-height increases the gap but decreasing it still leaves a strip of empty space.

To be extra clear: The images line up side-to-side perfectly; it's just between lines that there are spaces.  But since it doesn't seem to be line-height, margin or padding creating the spaces I'm stumped.

Programming Help / Line Height / Paragraph Spacing in Twine
« on: November 08, 2017, 09:19:40 PM »
Hey, guys!  I've been tinkering with Twine (Harlowe) for about a year, now, and unfortunately it seems like images have been slightly broken for a really long time.  Even, so, I've gotten a prototype for a project together, but I've hit one snag:

I want, for section of one passage, to eliminate the visual space between paragraphs.  The reason for this is that I have a map broken up into multiple image tiles, but the default style creates a strip of space between the first line of tiles and the second.  I know that for someone who's actually good at using HTML this would be trivial, but my CSS-fu is bad.

Li'l help?

Tabletop RPGs / Re: DnD 5e - The Girth System
« on: November 08, 2017, 05:01:01 PM »
I was Transcendental Plan on Gaia...!  Uh, hi!

Never thought I'd see THESE rules again, lol, they were really finnicky and book-keepy.  How are they interfacing with 5E so far?  And with Storymaker's systems?

Project Ideas / Re: My idea for a weight gain game.
« on: October 27, 2017, 04:53:05 PM »
I think Scratch is basically a better documwnted, freeware GMS?

General Discussion / Re: General Questions/Discussions
« on: October 14, 2017, 03:28:16 PM »
Anonynn, here's a question for you.

Given that:

-The most common advice given to new devs is "start small, with a well-bounded project"
-Apocamorphosis is closing in on the entire Harry Potter septilogy in terms of sheer word count

... how do you exercise such a deep level of discipline?  I know that I've got ten half-finished IF projects floating around and whenever I get to a significant hurdle in one I'm flooded with ideas of how to do it better in the next project.  What's your method for staying on track and not getting demoralized?

I probably prefer 9-12 over 10-1 but I can do either?

I have a mild preference towards your homebrew setting!  I'm not that into Critical Role so I'm not familiar with their setting, but I just sort of prefer to see people's original worlds more than their takes on other people's.

I'm not 100% on what I'd like to play, but it's probably a Monk, Wizard or (if it gets written up shortly) Druid.

The ferry ride was beautiful; the still-bright September sun, the choppy pacific turbulence, the glittering white-crested waves.  The greenheart man who captained the boat seemed like the most relaxed and happy old shrub.

There was a reason for that.

Spoiler for The Reason:
Lily and Ozzy, please roll to Gorge on the beauty of the natural world.  This isn't optional.  :P


Port Aubritte's mall was actually just outside the city limits, along a thoroughfare crammed with traffic and backed by drizzly pine forests.  It was a sprawl of squat buildings and tiered parking lots that flowed into one another like tidepools.  Inside it was much less of an eyesore; brightly lit and cleanly tiled, with enough foot traffic from MONCON that Tia didn't look too out of place striding (in her bloated fashion) head-and-shoulders above the humans.  A lot of folks looked and snapped photos with their cell phones, but mostly they seemed interested and amused, not unsettled and terrified.

The first chain boutique that she and Auro stepped into carried some of Auro's favorite brand names, but the pair quickly realized that Auro had already been at the upper end of their size charts BEFORE her recent bra failure.  There was no way they were going to squeeze a seven-and-change foot tall winged beefcake into anything there, even if she hadn't been slowly blimping up all morning.  Even the plus-size shop (whose fitter seemed a little handsy with Auro's girls) didn't have much by way of covering up Tia.

Which brought them to the big department store, MartBlanc, and its endless rows of cheaply-made goods.  Here they found a women's section that went up to 5X, albeit one where only someone with Auro's savvy could put together anything approaching a "look."  She might even need to dip into the menswear, which was not her native territory.

ill try 2 figure that out, Dorothy texted Tia back.

Spoiler for Hidden:
Auro can still get her clothes at Torrid and Lane Bryant and can choose to gain a level of Tapped (which is to say, neutralize a level of Flush) to gain 4 Social XP if she'd like.

Auro's also going to make us a Caprice check.  On a 7-10, Tia will get the same offer-- Tapped for 4 Social XP.  On an 11-14, the cheaper nature of this department store will net you both an additional 2 Social XP for no cost worth tracking.

Tia, you're already Auro's admirer, so it's hard to deal with her flitting around you and reaching up to hold shirts against your scaly shoulders.  But if you'd like, you can roll another Seduce versus your little helper, since she's very focused on your body and its need for stylish clothes.

I am very excited to have designed an RPG system that can mechanically handle a clothes-shopping makeover.


Sierra was in and out of her booth so quickly that she couldn’t have missed Kobi, but as the hour dragged on and her friend still hadn’t emerged from the other door.  Sierra could hear muffled voices, but couldn’t make out any of the words.  The voice which must have been Kobi’s, deep and scratchy, sounded distressed at many points.

She finally emerged as lunchtime approached, and she seemed surprised to see Sierra was still there.  Her eyes flittered to Sierra’s perfume atomizer.  She was putting on a warm, boisterous front, but there was a weariness behind it.

“Woah, hey, you waited up.  I’m going to grab lunch, what are you up to?


Lily, despite her dowdiness and the utter lack of attention from her classmates, was cute to begin with.  And she was in a wheelchair.  And out among the crowds she really started to notice that she was attracting an unusual amount of (positive) attention: antisocial nerds parting out of her path, holding doors for her, and smiling, smiling, smiling.

It was honestly a little overwhelming as she started getting into the crowds around the con-- mortals.  They seemed like natural introverts, but also seemed compelled to approach her and strike up conversation, trying to guess what character she was cosplaying (and, without saying as much, whether that character was also wheelchair bound).

Being a smart young lady, Lily put two and two together:  The smell she was exuding was intoxicating, with a subliminal pheromonal effect.

She spotted a scalper as she closed in on the block around the community center.  The scalper was dressed like some kind of alien vampire, with big bug-eye shades and spiked back hair, and she was wearing a long trench coat.  As Lily watched, a defeated-looking 20-something in a polo shirt handed her a tight wad of bills and walked away toward his friend group with several tickets.  The scalper counted her score carefully, then shoved it into an interior pocket of her trench coat and smiled with plastic fangs at the street.

She might be a ruthless scammer, but would she be able to resist Lily’s flowery charm?

Spoiler for Hidden:
Seduction roll, obviously, since you’re trying to use your scent and the fact that people feel sorry for a person in a wheelchair.  Of course, bump up your result, because every new person you meet is your admirer.


Angler Street was indeed very trendy, and there was quite a bustle through the district as convention-goers swarmed it, but Ozzy got the impression that this marketplace did a brisk trade regardless.  Banjo music wafted out of a dark cafe as she located the tattoo parlor, lodged between a headshop and a bakery selling artisanal cupcakes.

The receptionist asked what she was looking for and then directed her to an elevated lounger where she was shortly joined by a thick-necked butch woman with half a shaved head.

“I’m Angel,” she said, turning her head so that Osiria could see the ink halo that wrapped out from her platinum-blonde hair where her head was shaved.  “I hear you want thorned ivy, yeah?  That’s cool.  Is this the kind of neckline you usually do?”

Angel worked with her, asking questions about positioning, how vibrant she wanted the colors, whether she was “going for more of a twisted fairytale thing or an unruly wilderness thing.”

When the actual inking started, Angel made some polite chit-chat, but mostly concentrated on her work.  The delicate, repetitive prickle-sting of the needle was almost soothing.  She’d gotten about halfway across Ozzy’s collar area when the needle action started to feel choppier, though.

“Huh,” Angel said, turning off the tool.  “Sorry about that, let me just grab a fresh instrument, this one’s acting up.”  She squinted at her patient’s chest.  “No harm done, though.”

She replaced the whole setup and soon enough they were getting back into it.  But by the time she was finishing Ozzy’s front, the choppy rhythm was back.

“That’s crazy,” Angel told her, investigating the nib of her injector.  “What are you, made of kevlar?  These machines are practically brand new!”

Quest Games / Re: The Game of Life: Fat Edition
« on: August 29, 2017, 03:36:37 PM »
This is really interesting, actually!  I'm not sure how well this kind of virtual-board-game mechanic would adapt to a larger game, since there's no player decision-making involved, but it's an innovative use of Quest and an interesting way to structure a modular story...


Auro sat down, aimed her phone at her face and cleavage, and turned on the charm.  Even having barely caught up on rest, having a low-make-up day, just blathering about her morning into the camera (with a few strategic bra-hoists for demonstrative purposes, of course)...

… Auro just had “it.”

Many internet performers and attention sponges were hot, or funny, or kind of smart, or kind of sensitive to others’ thoughts.  But almost none of them covered all four of those bases.  And so, having just clowned around for the camera a little, Auro was already feeling a confidence boost before even looking at the replay.

And she deserved it, didn’t she?  She’d been at BMI a week and half the student body was drooling over her, belly and all.  That’s called star power.

Redora seemed pleased, and wired over the money immediately-- and not a small amount, neither.  As nearly a grand popped into her paypal for twenty minutes of work, the slight rush served as a further mood boost.

wow!!!! this is really cute!!!! check your amazon giftbox!!!!

A cursory glance revealed that something Auro hadn’t had on her wishlist-- a webcam with an extremely high megapixel count.

Spoiler for Auro:
Auro gets her consequence-free 3x Flushness, enough for several back-to-back shopping sprees!  She also gets rid of Embarrassed because holy fuck, a 15+!


Kobi nodded grimly as she stepped towards the soft voice, and Sierra had a sudden feeling like she’d sent her friend into certain danger.  The door closed behind her with and ominous click.

“I ZAID next SPECIMEN, please!” demanded the gruffer voice through the other door.

Stepping through, Sierra found herself in an extremely small office, devoid of furniture or a monstrous source for the voice she’d heard.  The wall to her immediate right was black and slightly glossy, like obsidian.

“Yes, hello, sank you,” the voice said, from somewhere behind the black wall.  And as Sierra turned to look at it, there was a flash of light that momentarily dazzled her.

As the spots cleared, she realized that the black wall now had a blobby, prismatic smear along it, like the rainbows in an oil slick.  It was shaped and positioned roughly like her shadow… though she was fairly certain she wasn’t as wide as the penumbral inkblot, even with her recent indulgences.

“Ah.  Anxieties, I zee!  Turn around, please and thanks you.”

Being tipped off by the voice’s sudden recognition, Sierra had attended enough magic classes to put together that this was a snapshot of her aura.  Many of the edges were stained the dingy yellow of nicotine.  That would be her stress.

“I say TURN AROUND, you miserable alley cat!” the voice grunted, impatient at even a momentary delay in instruction-following.

Another flash followed, but Sierra wasn’t facing the right direction to see her aura from behind.  She WAS facing a small mail-slot in the wall, however, which clanked and shuddered.

“HOKAY, sank you.  Collect your aroma and begone.”

Not wanting to deal with another snippy outburst, Sierra took the item inside the slot and exited the room.  The object in her hand was an old-fashioned perfume atomizer, and within it lightly fizzled some white liquid.  An instruction label read, “In times of stress, squeeze twice to spray aroma into air.  Then inhale.  Doses: 3.”

Spoiler for Mellow Gas:
This Mellow Gas can deescalate some debilities (Embarrassed, Bummed, and Freaked, all at once) by one stage and replace them with Zonked.  There are three uses in this bottle but multiple monsters can sniff it up per use.

You could also, I suppose, aim it offensively at someone like mace?  As an option on a 7+ Outmaneuver.


The buzzing bee to smell Ozzy’s pollen first was someone quite unlike anyone she’d met before.  He was a slender, almond-brown faun with waist-length hair pulled into a loose ponytail and a sort of limp-wristed, contrapposto body language.  He had a long cigarette holder, black tights, and a purple tank top that read “YASS QUEEN” with a little glittery crown atop it (women’s small, by the looks of it).  Only the total lack of chest and, from certain angles, his chin betrayed his biological leanings.

There wasn’t much by way of American queer culture out in bat country.  Most of the hipsters back home leaned hard into machismo.  Ozzy watched from the corner of her eye as he had a very snarky-looking falling out with the other fauns he was hanging with, who ditched him in the cafeteria.  He railed for a bit, listlessly wandering around, kicking a garbage can out of frustration and then grabbing his hoof, which apparently had suffered worse than the can.

After a time he was drawn in by her beauty and loneliness.  He didn’t ask if the seat was taken.  In fact, before he said anything, he slid the mirror off of the table, looked into it, and checked his own hair.  He returned it, glancing at Ozzy’s glass of “red” wine.

“Thoughtcha lil bloodsuckers couldn’t see yourselves in mirrors?” he asked, smirking.  He had a playful-sounding drawl somewhere between Georgia and Cuba.

The two chatted a bit and Ozzy got to know her new acquaintance.  His name was Rio, and he was vain, chatty, catty, and while he pretended he didn’t give two fucks about anything, she gave him the sense of someone who was deeply needy in ways he didn’t like to show.

He certainly didn’t care much about Ozzy’s vampirism.  Even seemed to think it was funny, somehow, like a joke she was playing on an authority he never nailed down.

“If they ain’t gonna crucify you for one thing, it’s another.  Least you can fly away!”

Talking it over, he seemed not to mind the idea of donating blood-- he was a little bit of an edgelord about it, though, and he wanted something in return: for Ozzy to be his “date” for some kind of beach campfire thing that was happening over the weekend.

“Just for Marcy, my tedious high school friend.  I gotta show her that I can get other friends in an instant if I wanna or she’ll keep stepping to me, you know?  If that’s a deal, then suck me dry.  Just like my ex-boyfriend.  Hahaha!

Throughout the conversation, it was impossible to pin down whether he was actually attracted to Ozzy, or just felt her beauty made them kindred spirits, or was trying to use her to get back at his storm-off friends.  Either way, he was a perfectly serviceable ally.

Spoiler for :
Roll to Drink Blood if you agree to Rio’s jealousy shenanigans; Rio is the same size as you.


The user that was registered to was, circularly,, so whoever ran the blog was at least taking basic measures to separate it from their real identity.  There were some forums posts on sketchy sites-- the kind that performed "spells" for mortals for $4.99-- by this Castlee usename, whose email linked back to pagesmash.  Nothing on social media except for some Conor and Claire Astleys.

There might be something Lily could do to trace the IP or whatever, but it would take time to learn how to do it, and the ferry was leaving soon... maybe an email to the administration would be enough?


The nurse had been hmming and hawwing as Tia spumed smoke, drank her tummyache tea, and prepared to leave.

"Since just this morning, huh?  That's not so unusual, but..." she'd muttered, still not very disinterested, before pulling down a thick tome of the shelf and paging through it.  She then ignored Tia for long enough that the dragonkin took it as her cue to leave.

In general, the distance between older monsters in the school's administration and the students living there seemed... pronounced.  Except for Coach, maybe, who seemed pretty "with it."


Here we go again!  Give me a venue and an objective!

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