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Quest Games / Re: Fantastic Dungeon Extender for American Audiences (TM)
« on: February 25, 2017, 04:30:08 AM »
Hoping to get the new update up tonight or tomorrow.  Probably going to post weekly updates on here with whatever I manage to get finished.  This update involves a casino area, which will give you the chance to get one of three very special items- each of which will allow you to access a different path!  Ive also introduced a karma stat and a coin pouch which... Im sure I'll find more uses for later, at the moment its only good for gambling.  Initially, gambling WAS completely random, but I broke the game and had to roll back a few updates to get it stable again, so now it's a linear set of events.

I wonder what will happen when you are able to drink the mushroom wine...

If you knew the effects of the mushrooms that you dumped into it, you probably wouldn't be foolish enough to drink wine inbued with them :p  it will have its uses, I promise.

Quest Games / Re: Fantastic Dungeon Extender for American Audiences (TM)
« on: February 20, 2017, 04:11:32 AM »
'Falonde'... 'magiks'...'pink'... HMMMMMMMM

No but for real I actually got all my names from a random name generator.  My love for the Lalonde family is mostly unrelated to why I chose Lalonde.

That being said, any resemblence to Homestuck is all but coincidental unless it is totally on purpose- a certain cat with a curious name of Vodka Mutini may make an appearance at some point ;D

Quest Games / Re: Fantastic Dungeon Extender for American Audiences (TM)
« on: February 18, 2017, 10:21:41 PM »
The incorrect map tracking is unfortunately an issue in the engine itself, theres nothing I can do.  I might disable the map in future versions.

Quest Games / Re: Fantastic Dungeon Extender for American Audiences (TM)
« on: February 18, 2017, 02:41:19 AM »
I'm kinda stuck on what to do after I pass through the forest and into the room with the bookshelf. Any hints?

Between that and the sacrifice room, thats pretty much all i have done :I

Quest Games / Fantastic Dungeon Extender for American Audiences (TM)
« on: February 17, 2017, 09:01:40 AM »

In this version, you will find:

The new Casino!  Have fun, gamble, interactive with the ever-charming staff!
-Win wonderful prizes!

A new and improved Small Hut area for combining items!

Spelling improvements!

A shit ton of new dialogue!


This update might seem a little light, but it's because I had a lot of back-end stuff to do... And also the card table and casino area took way longer than I'd care to admit to finish.  Mostly because I put too much time into the casino area.

Announcements / Re: Status Update
« on: February 12, 2017, 04:15:48 PM »
Dude, I'm in the same boat.  Don't beat yourself up, and, as I learned, don't rush back into it because you're feeling like you have to- you'll burn yourself out ridiculously quickly.

Quest Games / Re: Anna's Wedding
« on: February 01, 2017, 08:21:43 AM »
So the general gist is that you play an 18-year-old student who has recently discovered her feedee tendencies - her parents are out for the day and your aim is to stuff yourself with as much food as possible.  The catch is that you have a limited budget, some of the food items will be hard to find, and some of them your character is only willing to eat when she's desperate enough.  Everything you eat comes with a calorie value and you're scored by how many calories you eat in the day.  Here's the opening:

Welcome to Becky's Binge!  You're Becky Ross, a soon-to-be-university student from the south of England.  It's only a week before you're due to go off to campus.  Most people would have spent the warm, shimmering weeks before term preparing their minds for the rigours ahead by getting a head start on work, or maybe doing the rounds of old school friends before everyone goes their separate ways.  But not you.  You've decided to spend it fulfilling a recently-developed wish.

You've been at least pudgy as long as you can remember, and the stress of final exams sent your weight skyrocketing.  Eating's always been a keen pleasure for you, but over the last few months you've also begun to love the look and feel of your doughy body.  Your developing double chin, your pale, pillowy arms, the way your soft flab undulates as you squeeze it.  Could it be that your habitual overeating had a subconscious ulterior motive behind it?  Who can say?  But since you had your epiphany, you've decided that you want to see how far you can go.  You're going to do well at uni, of course.  You're a fiercely intelligent girl with a real aptitude for your chosen subject, English Literature.  But you're going to excel academically while indulging in every pleasure you can muster.  Simply put, you want to get as fat as you possibly can, and have an amazing time while doing it.

The summer, with its lack of academic distractions, seemed like the opportune time to do some serious gaining.  Unfortunately, your parents are almost always around and control your diet very strictly.  In your moments of freedom you've done as much gorging as you could manage.  Trips into town that you told them were so you could meet friends were actually made with the express purpose of grabbing a burger, fries and a large milkshake at McDonald's, and then waddling to Burger King and doing it all again!  You've taken to smuggling dozens of chocolate bars into your bedroom, stashed in your handbag and then furtively conveyed to the safe where you keep your jewellery.  Your parents can put two and two together.  Your mushrooming figure betrays that you must be sneaking junk food, but so far they've not managed to catch you in the act.  They still despair.

That's them at the door.  They're about to become a bit more despairing.

Knock, knock.  Your dad, sounding stern.  "Becky, can your mother and I come in, please?"

Damn, you were hoping for another half an hour in bed.  But you suppose you should admit them entry.

Your belly rumbles.  What if your parents have come to give you another lecture on healthy eating?  The last one went over half an hour.  You're not sure if you can wait that long for your first bite to eat of the day.  Maybe there's something on your bedside table you can chow down on before you let Mum and Dad in.  There usually is nowadays.

In a few fat fistfuls, you shove the snacks into your mouth, taking care to lick the vivid orange dust from your fingers as you go.

"Becky!" shouts your Mum.  "Half ten in the morning and you're still in bed!  You won't be able to get away with this when you're at uni, you know!"

You don't reply.  You don't want to talk with your mouth full in case they realise you're snacking.

"Becky, if we don't hear signs of life in five seconds we're coming in anyway!"

Panicking, you lick your fingers again to make sure they're clean, and cram the empty packet beneath your thin duvet.  The door opens as you swallow the last mouthful.

You hear footsteps, and peer up groggily at your parents.  They view you with a disappointed look that's becoming more and more common as you get fatter.  It still bothers you, much as you hate to admit it.  You wish you could indulge your desires completely guilt-free.

You're bracing yourself for another lecture, but instead your mum says, "Becky, do you know Colin and Mary?  Our friends from the tennis club?"

You've met them a few times.  An utterly tedious couple who you suspect your parents are only friendly with for the social status it brings - Colin is an Accounts Executive.

"Well, they've just called and asked us at very short notice if we wanted to help them out in the doubles tournament today, as both their regular partners have dropped out.  So it'll be your dad partnering Colin, and me teaming up with Mary."  As your eyes focus you see they're both dressed in gleaming white sports gear.
"Obviously we said yes," interjects your dad.  The more exercise and fresh air you get in the summer the better, as far as I'm concerned."  You're sure that comment's actual subject is you and not him.
"We don't suppose you'd like to come and cheer us on?" asks Mum.

You hate tennis with a fiery passion, and don't relish spending any more time in Colin and Mary's company than you have to.  Luckily, you have a ready-made excuse.

"I think I'll crack on with my uni work.  Best to be prepared," you smile.

Your parents have always stressed the value of hard work, so they accept your reason unequivocally.  In actual fact, you're going to be spending your time with the house to yourself stuffing your face, which is after all what you've been doing all summer whenever you get some time away from Mum and Dad.  They're probably only going to be away for a couple of hours, but that'll be enough time to order a takeaway or make a fry-up, and then hide the evidence.

"Okay, then in that case we'll see you tonight," says Dad as he turns to leave.
"Tonight?" you ask, your heart beginning to pound.  You're beginning to sense a glorious opportunity.
"Yes, it's an all day thing.  And then Colin and Mary have very nicely asked us if we want to come round for dinner, so expect us back about 10 or 11 at night."

You can't speak.  All sorts of ideas are flowing through your mind, so fast you can't even grab hold of them to find out what they are or what they mean.

"Darling, we'd better get going," says your mum anxiously.  "They said an 11 o'clock start, and it wouldn't do to be late."
"See you, angel," says Dad, kissing you on your chubby cheek.  "Oh, and don't touch the bacon and sausage in the fridge.  That's not for you, that's to take to Neil's barbecue tomorrow."  They both leave.  You just knew the last word would be reproachful.  Can't they leave you be?

But you're only annoyed for a little while.  You've been blessed with an entire day of the house to yourself.  An entire day of freedom!  And now you find out there's bacon and sausage in the fridge.  Well, that's going to be your first port of call.  You can always replace it after it's gone in your belly.

But what then?  After all, you've got all day to play with.  All day.  You decide how you're going to spend it, as if it was ever in doubt.  You're going to stuff yourself with whatever you want, and as much of it as you can cram inside you.  You're not going to count calories, keeping score like you're playing some video game.  You're just going to fill your face, and let Mother Nature add the pounds.

There's probably nothing to stop you having another cooked breakfast for lunch if that's what you want and there's enough delicious meat in the fridge.  But now your mind's swimming with a multiplicity of images and smells.  Stuffed crust pizza, chicken korma, chow mein, ice cream.  And the question isn't which one you're going to eat, but rather what you're going to serve up first!


Seriously, I cannot WAIT for this.

Quest Games / Re: Anna's Wedding
« on: January 14, 2017, 03:50:44 AM »
You might be interested to know I've started work on a second game, this one about an intentional gainer.  More details if people are interested :)

Please please please more spoilers!

Quest Games / Re: Kate's Uni Days
« on: January 11, 2017, 08:29:54 PM »
How do i get the debit card?

It's in the pocket of one of the items in your wardrobe in your bedroom, try poking around in there a bit

Thanks for the hint! If you're looking for proof reading, in the 4th ending 'seconds' there is a Staci instead of Traci.

Good catch.

This would be one hundered million percent better if you added the ability to play through the second thanksgiving at the end aswell :D
Second that. I'd love to know her weight and measurements after a year of unabashed and unrestrained gluttony, as well.

Maybe next year around thanksgiving ill add onto the game.  For now, I have two new quest games in the works- Life of Kriss: Day Two, and an unannounced game thats gonna be a bit more serious both in gameplay and in tone (but will still have all sorts of gluttony and chubs, dont worry)

Project Discussion / Re: Feature Requests
« on: December 28, 2016, 05:02:50 AM »
Jeez, I can't wait for a release, it sounds awesome so far!
If I can ask one question; what will the game be like? I mean like the HUD? Will it be something like Fetish Master? Something like Noone's RPG?

Dude hasnt been on in 2 months.  I dont think youre getting any answers.

This game is much better now that it has endings. Good job.

Bug report below.
Spoiler for Hidden:
Missing action:
The beer can can't be picked up once dropped.

Failed synonyms:
"sit" and "eat breakfast" at breakfast

"give <item> to ann"

Typographical errors:
"You hop on the scale and glance down at the digital readout- 167.8. Not bad! Done from the 168.0 you weighed..."

"You are in Tracis Room. You can see a Traci." Needs an apostrophe on "Traci's" and the interpreter isn't seeing Traci as a person for some reason.

"One Ninety Six Point Fffffffffffffffffffffff-" Was this supposed to be "one sixty nine point..."?

"And honestly, if you're this much of a glutton on a day you've spent days, if not weeks, preparing to not to, y'know, glut yourself, then what does that say for your future?" Remove either "to" and this sentence will work fine.

Oh shit FluffRat, great catches!  I'll get those patched along with my next round of fixes.

Thank you so much- I know this stuff is frustrating to a lot of readers/players, and I really appreciate your contribution- these are all really good catches.  Hell, I might send you a private build of my next game just for proofreading!  ;D

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