Author Topic: Stuffing / Weight Gain Role-play Request  (Read 793 times)


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Stuffing / Weight Gain Role-play Request
« on: January 28, 2018, 04:17:45 AM »
Hello! My name is anonymous for privacy purposes- but you can call me Cat. I'm making this forum post to test the waters, and see if anyone is interested in doing some weight gain and stuffing roleplay. I typically play neko/catgirl characters, but I am open to discussing other characters and species too.

Before I elaborate further, here are some expectations I have from partners.

Please do not:

- Ask my exact location or for any personal information. I am 19/F, and that's all I'm going to share.

- Try to hit or flirt seriously outside of the roleplay. I don't assume people will, but it's happened before.

- Speak in broken, one line sentences. Basic stuff like capitals and punctuation is appreciated.

- Godmode, meta-game, or generally just be bad at roleplay in general. I don't need 10 highly detailed paragraphs, and mistakes are perfectly fine. But *try* at least.

- Make me do all the work. Please come with a couple of ideas, and we can discuss things -together- :3

- And finally, forcing me into any kinks/fetish/situation that I'm uncomfortable with. I will say no, and block you if you persist. Harsh- but effective.

All that out of the way, here are some things I love!

- Being friendly and creative.

- Mutual respect for boundaries and acknowledging what we both enjoy kink wise.

- Having fun, and not feeling obligated to rush or do better. Roleplay is for pleasure. ;3

So, if you read all the way to here without finding any issues, then I invite you to add me on Discord, or post here on the forum! My tag: Cat#8668

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