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Quest Games / Re: Space Odyssey: Fortune's Feast
« Last post by LordManiac on Today at 06:34:25 AM »
This is a very interesting game, I can't really play it now, because I am on my phone, but I read the first few text 'pages'.
Quest Games / Re: Space Odyssey: Fortune's Feast
« Last post by MOP on Today at 05:34:48 AM »
Excellent start! Love the setting and the mechanics. Look forward to seeing more.
Quest Games / Re: Space Odyssey: Fortune's Feast
« Last post by NerdyFeeder64 on Today at 04:47:59 AM »
I went to Wing A and played 'Cookie Clicker' til the game basically broke. :P
Looking forward to what comes out of this game! ;D
Quest Games / Re: Space Odyssey: Fortune's Feast
« Last post by Riverking on Today at 04:00:00 AM »
There is a glitch with room b where even after killing the robot it won’t let you leave and says you have to deal with the robot first
Quest Games / Space Odyssey: Fortune's Feast
« Last post by jerkajerk on Today at 03:13:11 AM »
Hi everyone!  I'm back with a quick demo for a game I've spent a long time working on.

It may seem fairly short but there's a lot of technical stuff I had to learn in Quest to make it, hence the long period of waiting since my last release.  Anyways, it's a game about getting fat.  IN SPACE!
Trying to pound out some more coding this weekend. Teaser shot from the current build.

Now THIS. This is what I've been waiting for. I sincerely hope there's plenty of it upon release. This is my jam right here.
Unclaimed Projects / Re: Unclaimed List
« Last post by FatAzureDragon on Today at 12:01:26 AM »
I found this game for Android today. Looks worth a look at least.
from what I've played of that game, it's just a tapper that has little means to offset the grind, and the ads it has get in the way of your combo.
RPG Maker General Board / Re: Question in general
« Last post by engordoAchicas on February 18, 2018, 11:48:37 PM »
I am really grateful for the good reception, so I leave this file that contains the game demo 0.26 plus the file Game.rvproj2 that serves so that RPG Maker VX Ace can be translated into English
RPG Maker General Board / Re: Question in general
« Last post by BItBTL on February 18, 2018, 11:19:10 PM »
Alright, I really wanted to solve this on my own, but I really can't figure somethings out.

I've been Google Translating my way through thus far, and I've hit a bit of a wall.

First, in the main story, I understand that I need to get a truck. I saw something about needing George's (the one outside the lakehouse), but I can't find out how to get it.

Secondly, for a sidequest, on of the Mc Donalds girls needs 10 pizzas, 10 Roast chickens, and 20 bars of chocolate. I have what I think are all the items (and more) and yet the scene still does not trigger.

Anyway, just me popping out of lurking to get some help. This game's pretty fun. I look forward to the English patch and any more content that comes out.
Other Projects / Re: "Just Swell", a WIP semi-realistic weight gain strategy-sim
« Last post by geekdragon on February 18, 2018, 09:37:33 PM »
The picture above this post makes me wanna say ouch. Realism sure has played it's role there.
Definitely an extreme case. It's pretty difficult to 'accidentally' let things get that dire, but I was letting it happen for test purposes.

Technically there are 15 possible health conditions that can all stack, but it's unusual to see more than 3 or 4 together without needing to deal with some of them.
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