Author Topic: [News]Meet the Devs and a New Member!  (Read 648 times)


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[News]Meet the Devs and a New Member!
« on: January 10, 2018, 01:31:09 AM »
Good day everyone! Sorry we couldn’t do a devblog last week, but we bring you some great news instead. First, we are going to be holding a meet the devs event this Saturday around 1:00pm MST (GMT-7). Kira and myself will be on the TFD Discord hanging in a voice chat channel for anyone who want to hop in and ask questions. We will also be streaming for anyone that wants to see Kira working on some of the concept stuff or me working on the background technical stuff. Also, our newest member may be joining us later if his schedule allows for it.

And with that we would like to announce our newest member! SaulDLC has been gracious enough to volunteer his services as our head artist. So far, he has been working on some of the clothing concepts which we will be featuring in the devblog for this week! So please feel free to welcome him to our team!