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Roleplaying Board / Re: [Behemoth Institute PT] (4) Painting the Town Red
« Last post by Nuumi on Today at 07:26:19 AM »
Thoughts of blending into human society didn't really matter as much to Osiria, as she was already blending in with 'lesser folk' as far as her family was concerned, so perhaps blending in with even lower people would just elevate her feelings of superiority. This MONCON sounded like a worship ritual, so perhaps it would be fun to stride about in her dress, letting them see what the true beauty of a monster could be... rather than these casual clothes. Yes, that would do nicely, especially if she was going on a dinner date. She'd asked Lily if she would want to go to shore together too, so she figured she'd meet up with Auro for a more private meal after the day's initial spree had ended.

"No problem at all dear, don't feel the need to be shy around me~" She said, grinning softly, her eyes glancing down to Lily's midriff. Paired with the donuts, the muffins had filled her up quite nicely... she was getting surrounded by full stomachs, though her own felt as empty as ever. She was starting to feel a little woozy from not having an appropriate drink, her skin paler than usual. While she paid attention to the RA, as well as replying to Lily, her eyes did occasionally flick to the jelly girl, and how she was glancing at Tia's expansion. She'd hoped for a more thin-and-fat pairing, after all, her own beauty was prime concern, so she couldn't let herself be suckered into this dorm-wide gain-off, but at the same time, she worried that thin just wasn't on the palette of some of these girls, and that she'd continue to be singled out by these binges ever meeting. She'd break it to each of them about her blood drinking habits eventually, so at least they'd understand why she never ate. She didn't exactly want to be drinking blood given out of sympathy though, lest she fall from social grace.

A lick of amusement came when she could hear Sierra's struggling with the corset. She too had once been at the stage where wearing one would cause such discomfort, but if your belly causes you to suffer so badly, perhaps it isn't in your style. She had sympathy for the sphinx, but for the prissy girl who'd had every sentence she'd ever spoken hammered into place by strict tutors, the stutter made her feel a little irritated, and Ozzy's first impressions of her hadn't exactly been great due to her assumptions. That said, it was still early in the year, and some of the others seemed to bear Sierra with a friendly vibe, so perhaps she'd be surprised.

Tia's metamorphosis was making her feel a little uncomfortable though, the loud gurgles and groans coming from the dragon, and her ever burgeoning waistline, was making it rather difficult to focus on Garg. Dragons clearly had it bad when it came to re-adolescence, if this kept up she'd be a hell of a lard-ass by the end of the year, and it wasn't exactly the most spacious of underground areas. She'd be getting stuck in doors if she grew much bigger... though, the idea of the plump dragon being wedged in a tight framed entrance, blocking her path with a large rear... it made her tingle a little.

Her thoughts were interrupted by another bout of light-headedness, her eyes drooping for a moment as if she hadn't gotten enough sleep. Her composed, elegant sitting position was compromised by her swaying in her chair a little, and dark shadows had begun to form under her eyes, her face becoming a little sunken, and her bottom jaw retreating a little to expose her fangs. The vampire curse was somewhat kept in check by drinking blood, the visage of a healthy mortal face only upkept by that blood, so the longer she went without it, the more monstrous she'd become. Her mind couldn't get off the thought of a proper drink... her thirst beginning to become an issue.
Weight Gain Mods / Re: Starbound Mods?
« Last post by Best Buddo on Today at 06:51:33 AM »
Keep us updated my man, looks and sounds great.
Yeah you need to talk to nefari about it. the conditions for it to show up is having pleased 8 patrons in the brothel, or with my mod having a big belly. The fake pregnancy option should only show up if your not pregnant, and i think you need to not have a belly already as well.
so i just realized that the conversation with nefarfi about fake pregnancy is what triggers it, but for some reason in my main game there is never even an option to talk to her outside of asking to work here, and the pregnancy strip show and special work isn't available either. I tried on a new game and this conversation was available immediately so i was wondering what the prerequisites for this were.
even on a new character with no belly and even a new game the option never seems to appear, i could have sworn that it was there at one point but i cant get it anymore.
Oh, Garg had stopped the meeting while people were out! How considerate of her. Auro listened as best she could to the explanation, her chin in her hand on her elbow on her thigh below. Try as she might to show that the waiting hadn't been wasted on someone inattentive, though, she had to fight two distractions--first, Tia's metamorphosis in the adjacent chair, and two, the itching coming back. This time, the uncomfortable tingling concentrated under her skirt again, so she just had to just sit and pretend it wasn't happening for decency's sake--just listen to Garg, and consider what to do with MONCON in town.

The requirement for illusion or cloaks of disguise got Auro thinking about what, exactly, a mortal would notice as 'off', but that train of thought got cut short with a wave of tingling that Auro had to resist. MONCON seemed like a real convenience for most, but Auro honestly wondered if it made her life any easier or slightly harder. Frankly, the kind of fantasy that she fit in was more of the 'little mermaids playing with princess dolls' variety; maybe monsters could fit into a mortal's caricature-fantasy where they got nearly everything wrong, but Auro played more into a monster's circature fantasy of mortals. Eh, it would probably be fine? She couldn't analyse it too hard while randomly worrying about Tia's slowly-encroaching width.

Obvious rules remained obvious, though in the light of what Garg had previously said about Thera's death being an accident, and the ban on alcohol not being much of a thing...well. "So even though there's rules, I'm like 95% sure one or two people will die during shore leave," Auro said, a statement given the same gravity as a weather report. "Any advice on us not being one of them? Oh, ummmm, also, leaving behind evidence, about that, how good are mortals at noticing things are 'off'? I know a few are good at pattern recognition, but aren't most of them basically non-sentient?"

Auro only experienced mortal intelligence from Twitter replies.
I thought I'll update this. In Windows 10 Creator's Update they added a new option in Compatibility Mode,

"Override high DPI scaling behavior. Scaling performed by:"

and a drop down list. If you select "System" it will fix the scaling issue without installing old Java and editing the command line.

From those curious on what's going on, On Hi-DPI monitors Windows informs the application that's running that it's Hi-DPI and provides the DPI Scaling it should use. The new version of Java is DPI Aware which means that it can take this information and the application can then do whatever is needed to scale the GUI appropriately (provided it's properly coded for that). Windows will then just display the program as is. For programs that are not DPI Aware, Windows will just render the program at whatever DPI Scaling you have set (EX. My 4K monitor are scaled to 150% So a non-DPI Aware application is Magnified by 150%).
The problem is that here, Java is saying it's DPI Aware but FM isn't actually properly coded (or more exact the GUI framework) isn't to scale properly. So this new option they added informs the program that there is no DPI-scaling and then Windows itself scales the application.

It's pretty awesome they added this new option even if it would only effect a very small amount of older applications running on newer monitors.
Well, at least she could go without the corset, she didn't use her wings much anyways so it wouldn't be hard to fake it. She was still nervous and now growing more worried as Tia still expanded, she really didn't want that to happen to her and might make her think twice about eating as much.

"I used t-to live around m-mortals, so -huff- I think I c-can manage, but I don't think I am feeling very well either... -deep breath- D-d you mind if I g-go to c-campus health services, I -huff- want to m-make an appointment and maybe get some advice." Making eye contact with Garg the entire time, trying not to catch any possible glances, especially from the Dragonkin. "C-could you write d-down, some -gasp- general things for M-Moncon, for me? I've n-never been..."

The awkwardness and the corset were really getting to her, she was hoping to ditch both of them with a plausible reason.
I'm committed to keeping the site around for as long as possible. It costs me very little, and now that everything is more or less setup, I really don't have to do much to keep it running. That being said, I'd recommend joining the discord just in case something does happen. That'd be the only place I could give updates, since barely anyone looks at the twitter update page for the site.
Roleplaying Board / Re: [Behemoth Institute PT] (4) Painting the Town Red
« Last post by masterful on August 20, 2017, 10:40:51 PM »
"No, I meant that was for... since you couldn't finish your donut and... oh, nevermind," Lily sighed, unable to discern whether Garg had misinterpreted the purpose of the muffin or was just knowingly being difficult. After her flub with the jelly stain she didn't want to start another scene, and the RA had been kind enough to let her borrow the Tide stick. As curious as she was to see the tiny weefolk gulp down such a comparatively large amount of sweets, the dryad could already feel her cheeks reddening and quickly let the matter drop as both Osiria and Tia returned and sat back down. "Thanks for the muffins, by the way," she leaned over and whispered to the other Greenheart as Garg got ready to continue. "I should've just polished them off earlier. I guess I was lying to myself about how hungry I was this morning."

Tia proved to be quite a distraction as Garg started up, though. Every so often out of the corner of her eye Lily would catch the girl's belly continuing to puff up. Lily couldn't deny that she was jealous, and she kept finding her mind wandering to daydreams of undergoing the same thing. Each time she had to snap herself out of it to try to focus on the shore leave spiel.

The dryad quickly latched onto the fact that they were going to need disguises most of the time. It seemed that she'd picked a good set of spells to learn before coming to campus. But this weekend that wouldn't be necessary. The thought of MONCON simultaneously filled Lily with disgust and a feeling of superiority over mortals. Humans would pretend to be monsters, and monsters would pretend to be humans. It would lend itself well to an easy traversal of the town, but no doubt lead to more than a small amount of confusion before the weekend was over. Telling mortals apart from her fellow classmates might prove to be difficult. She did notice, however, that none of the rules precluded violence against mortals. Given what she'd seen around campus so far, Lily had no doubt that fewer humans would be leaving MONCON than had arrived.

When Garg asked for questions, Lily found herself drawing a blank. Fortunately Tia put out the most generally helpful one, though. "Yeah, is there anything in town that you'd recommend?" she quickly added in. At least that might give her a place to start rather than just randomly wandering around town. Lily didn't honestly know what she was planning to do once she got there. And now she'd have to contend with everything being crowded by a bunch of humans who enjoyed pretending to be monsters. Or... perhaps some humans that looked up to monsters, wished they were real, and might even worship them.

There was no hiding the mischievous grin that quickly spread across her face. It perhaps wasn't the best expression to have when she asked, "What are we supposed to do if a human figures out that we're not wearing a disguise?"
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